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Sam Kaiser Drops an Anthem for Self-Growth With, "Give You Time"

From his hometown of Hong Kong to Kingston, Ontario, the Folk artist and singer-songwriter Sam Kaiser is eager to bring listeners into the introspective stories of his latest EP, 'Pocket Change,' featuring the self-acceptance anthem, "Give You Time."

Sam Kaiser is best known for creating little pocket universes through his reflective stories and narrative-driven jams. One could compare Sam Kaiser's stylings to John Mayer, as we're continually swooned by his minimalist approach through organic fingerpicking and harmonic vocals.

Highlighting the third track, "Give You Time," off of his latest EP, 'Pocket Change,' Sam Kaiser mentioned that this song surrounds themes of personal growth and accepting ourselves in every way. Giving us a soft Rock/Folk atmosphere through the mellow instrumentation and his sweet vocal delivery, we love the natural warmth Sam Kaiser exudes throughout this piece.

Jumping into the piece, "Give You Time," we're met with Sam Kaiser's soothing and calming vocals accompanied by delicate drum patterns and sweet electric guitar picking that serenades us with organic tones and melodies. Listening to Sam Kaiser's clear lyrical message, he sings of moving forward from carrying someone else's weight while also giving them the time and space to help them get back on their feet.

Drifting into the song's bridge, Sam Kaiser pushes incredibly emotional tones through the song's blissful instrumentation, emphasizing his conceptual and meaningful lyrical message with help from layered guitars that soothe the soul. Ending the song on an uplifting and peaceful note, we couldn't have asked for a more naturally compelling piece from Kaiser himself.

Don't miss out on the intriguing and relatable storylines within Sam Kaiser's latest EP, 'Pocket Change,' featuring his self-growth anthem, "Give You Time." Catch the EP on all streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of your 4-track EP, 'Pocket Change.' What inspired you to create this project?

Thanks so much! I had a few songs lying around, either that I hadn't finished or hadn't thought about in a while, so when quarantines and lockdowns hit, I was scrolling through my notes and revisited these four and found that they went really well together in my mind. It felt like there was a through-line with a lot of the things I had been feeling for a while, and everything just kind of came together and I was able to finish them off. I was also really wanting to try and diversify my sound, thinking a bit more about musicality and aural complexity.

Speaking on the single "Give You Time" off of 'Pocket Change,' what did you want to get across to listeners through your introspective lyricism?

"Give You Time" was originally written as a way for me to process uneasiness in a relationship. I started writing it about one person, put it away for a year, then it became about someone else. I wrote it to try and feel better about what I was feeling and the things I was doing or trying to do, but also as a recognition that you can't ever really know what someone else is thinking or what someone else really needs. I think that's a relatable feeling and a painful realization in relationships sometimes, whether it be a partner, a friend, or anyone, so I wanted to try and portray that feeling through the lyrics and music.

Within your single "Give You Time," how did you achieve such a blissful sonic atmosphere during your creative/recording process?

That's a really nice way to describe it, I really appreciate that! "Give You Time" was really fun to make, especially because my intention in the recording and production process was to give it some bounce. I wanted to make a song that people could not only relate to but also really vibe out to. In terms of the atmosphere and the actual production and mixing, I love playing with different pedals and plug-ins and layering lots of guitar tracks. I'll play parts of a track on loop for hours and play different riffs over it or try different effects on it to find a sound that I really love. I love layering voices too and stacking harmonies to make a tune feel fuller, and "Give You Time" was no different, especially in that last chorus.

Which track off of your EP "Pocket Change" are you drawn to the most, lyrically and sonically? Why?

That's such a tough question, and I'm truly really proud of all of the songs, but I think "I Belong" has a really special place in my heart just because of the feeling behind it and how much fun I had recording it. To me, "I Belong" is all about feeling your feet on the ground that you're on. I live a pretty transitory life, as I'm usually traveling between Hong Kong and Ontario quite a bit, but with this whole pandemic situation, I've had to stay put a lot more than usual. Recognizing that I have a place and a purpose where I am was a huge thing for me, and this tune was my anthem for that I suppose. And with the idea of that "anthem", I wanted to make an epic, anthemic finish to the EP, which I hope I did a pretty good job of. It was also my first time working with additional voices that weren't mine, as well as a lot more opportunities for riffs and guitar flourishes, which was super fun.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

That honesty is a huge part of who I am and who I want to be as an artist. I love telling stories through my music, and I think the best stories are rooted in truth. I really enjoy writing and performing music, and as frightening and as frustrating as it can be sometimes, I feel so honored and gratified when people tell me that they've listened to and enjoyed my music.



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