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Sam Macdonald Teams Up With Imo For A Groovy New Single, “I Wanted More”

Emerging Cambridge-based pop producer Sam Macdonald's lively new single, "I Wanted More," alongside vocalist and songwriter Imo, sparks a nu-disco groove.

Honing his craft by studying Music Production at Leeds Conservatoire, Sam Macdonald eventually created the signature sound that landed him roughly 10k streams on Spotify alone. His tracks are the definition of ear candy, blending vibrant instruments with an energetic vibe ready to start any party or casual chill.

Sam Macdonald does what he does best in his newest single, "I Wanted More," creating an absolutely irresistible listening experience brimming with nostalgic disco vibes but with splashes of modern pop for a well-rounded feel. The stunning vocals of the singer-songwriter imo are everything we could ask for: fun, enchanting, and making a great song even better.

Diving deeper into "I Wanted More," we're met with a riveting bassline alongside imo's shimmering vocals that lead into the groovy nu-disco verse. While we make our way to the dancefloor, Sam Macdonald backs us up with killer drums and pristine production while imo sings an empowering message of laying her needs on the line, not afraid to claim "I Wanted More."

Sam Macdonald wastes no time sparking a sonic fire in our speakers. Everything from the catchy melodies and vibrant energy makes this song feel like dancing in a sweaty nightclub in the heat of summer. And if Macdonald keeps pumping out epic songs like this, we can expect to hear his tunes bumping through the mainstream's speakers.

Hit play on your new summer anthem with Sam Macdonald's latest single, "I Wanted More," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Sam! We love the energy and vibe of your recent single with imo, "I Wanted More." Did anything in particular inspire you to create this lively hit?

I created a nu-disco/pop track, drawing inspiration from the production values of reference tracks like "Stay Over" by Anassa and "Better Days" by NEIKED. I discovered that the bass served as the anchor, which is the song's driving force. The warmth from the synths added a rich, smooth feel, while the vocals were crisp and polished, bringing everything together perfectly. I wanted to create a track that fuses the lyrical context and attractive musical elements to create an immersive experience that feels familiar and fresh.

What was your experience working with singer-songwriter imo for "I Wanted More?" Was this your first time working together?

Imo is a great vocalist who can perfectly craft her voice to evoke emotion and ultimately get the best out of a performance. I Wanted More is our third collaboration, with our previous releases being Video Games (2022) and Wild Strawberries (2023). Both of these are of similar style in the retro pop world but are unique in their own way. Video Games are very unconventional; the track constantly expands from start to finish and takes the listener on a melodic adventure. On the other hand, Wild Strawberries is full of warmth and, lyrically, an authentic, personal journey.

Could you break down the process behind creating the production for "I Wanted More?" How did you determine which direction to take the song in?

I started off with the bass guitar and layered in some synthesis, incorporating elements like Rhodes, bell sounds, and a Juno synth. Everything for this track was done in-the-box. Next, I added drums, using a heavy process to drive a thick, punchy, saturated sound. Imo wrote and sent over the vocals, and I mixed them in, aiming for a full, airy quality where the harmonies played a significant role into creating a full, wide sound.

The last piece of the puzzle was creating the vocoder. I hit a creative block when creating something melodic for the post-chorus sections. I experimented with layering different synths and even a saxophone riff, but nothing seemed to fit. I finally had a light bulb moment, crafted a modulated vocoder/talkbox, and applied a lot of processing to imo’s vocal to make it its own instrument. 

What makes "I Wanted More" different from your previous releases? In your opinion, how does it stand out?

I Wanted More marks a significant milestone in my musical journey. My collaboration with Golden Factory Records, specifically their Paradise label, sets it apart from my previous releases. I’m excited about possibly releasing more tracks with them in the future.

From a production standpoint, it’s one of the most professional-sounding tracks I’ve produced to date, or at least one of the ones I’m most proud of. Every sound has a clear place in the spectral space, the vocals convey a deep emotional connection, and the track's energy flows seamlessly throughout.

What did you want listeners to feel when hearing "I Wanted More?" What was your goal in terms of their experience with the song?

I wanted my listeners to be transported to a world where the essence of disco meets the innovation of modern pop. I wanted them to feel a deep sense of connection and authenticity. My goal was to evoke a range of feelings, from introspection to empowerment, encouraging the listener to reflect on their own story and relationships.

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