Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers Team-up to Produce the Timeless and Spirited Single, "Coming Home"

"Coming Home" is the latest collaboration between Michigan-born and Florida-bred songster, Sam Woolf, and the Long Island pop-rock duo, The Como Brothers.

It's a carbonated folk-rock experience that emphasizes an emollient topline which croons over listeners' hips with its humming melody that seeps out from Sam Woolf's swooning lips with a crafty swing that desiccates in perfect meter with his bands coupling sonic shuffle. 

Sam Woolf's rhythm caroms buoyantly over the topline, "I know I've been gone, but now, baby, I'm coming home," with a measure that suggests like a pastiche of folk-rock at its most gratifying and infectious periods.

It hints at the heyday of "Ooo la la la" background vocals, the united and magnetizing keys behind a Wurlitzer, and hooks that come endowed with the timeless croon of a self-sufficient frontmanurging listeners to clap and sing along.

Those sonic stratagems are employed here with meticulous care, fomenting within "Coming Home" like a well-seasoned jambalaya, stuffed with surprises, and always inviting you to dive in for more with each new taste that flirts your palate.

Expedited by an enthusiastic showcase of soloing harmonicas, old-timey piano chimes, a deep rounded low-end, and a singer that deserves immediate plaudits for his vocal performance, "Coming Home" stands as a true testament to the energetic spell you can expect when the jovial bounce behind The Como Brothers team-up with the Sam Woolf's captivating frontman tactics. 

Hello Sam and welcome to BuzzMusic. What was the best part about collaborating with the Como Brothers for 'Coming Home?'

I’d say the best part about collaborating with the Como Bros is us being able to joke around in the studio and always come out with a song. 

Where did you draw influence from for the aesthetic and jovial energy behind 'Coming Home'?

We were definitely going for an upbeat type of song. I’d say there are some Beatles vibes in there. 

Can you tell us about some of the emotions you had to focus on for the effortless vocal performance you achieved on 'Coming Home'? And did the instrumental backing from Matt and Andrew Como help with developing those emotions?

I usually just try to match the feeling of the music with the vocals and since it’s a more upbeat/uplifting song, it actually made it easier for me.

What was the main message behind 'Coming Home,' and if you could say a few words that would act as an epilogue to the song's experience, what would you say?

The main message is basically reuniting with a person that you’ve been away from or hasn’t gotten to see in a long time.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Inspiration for writing new songs have been coming in waves here and there. I just try to focus on one idea at a time and if it’s any good, then I record it and put it out.

I haven’t been as inspired as usual, but I’m keeping the ideas flowing. I’m putting together an EP, which I have plans for releasing in the new year.