Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers Team-up to Produce the Timeless and Spirited Single, "Coming Home"

"Coming Home" is the latest collaboration between Michigan-born and Florida-bred songster, Sam Woolf, and the Long Island pop-rock duo, The Como Brothers.

It's a carbonated folk-rock experience that emphasizes an emollient topline which croons over listeners' hips with its humming melody that seeps out from Sam Woolf's swooning lips with a crafty swing that desiccates in perfect meter with his bands coupling sonic shuffle. 

Sam Woolf's rhythm caroms buoyantly over the topline, "I know I've been gone, but now, baby, I'm coming home," with a measure that suggests like a pastiche of folk-rock at its most gratifying and infectious periods.

It hints at the heyday of "Ooo la la la" background vocals, the united and magnetizing keys behind a Wurlitzer, and hooks that come endowed with the timeless croon of a self-sufficient frontmanurging listeners to clap and si