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Sammi Shyne Released A Banging Record “No Leash”

Sammi Shyne is a hip-hop artist and poet from Toronto, Canada. His sound is very unique, and well-rounded with different elements in his style. He likes to create a poetic, and energetic experience for his listener. He believes you will feel those emotions through several of his songs alongside his stage presence as well. Music and writing has been his deepest passion for as long as he can remember growing up, and been dedicated to the craft ever since. As an artist with many different talents, he plans to push forward a movement, and message that is given to you through sonic, tasteful music.

Sammi Shyne released his single titled “No Leash” and nothing prepared us for what was to come. The beat was gritty, nasty, and grimy. His delivery and flow was purely FIRE. he transports his listener through an era of rap music with good lyrics and a banging beat. Honestly, I can go on and on about how the beat was so fitting and aggressively projected. I already began thinking about how I wanted to play this song in my car. Imagine riding around the city with a dope rap song that has a deep bass, leaving chills through your body. The delivery on “No Leash” was so sonically fitting to the track, it felt like puzzle pieces were just connecting with one another. The energy is just right, getting you in the mood to party and flex. “No Leash” is a well-executed hip-hop and rap track that would serve the generational rap lovers justice! Sammi Shyne is curating a sound that will be mainstream eventually, and he would be the face of this unique artistry being displayed.

Listen to "No Leash" here and get to know more about Sammi Shyne below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sammi Shyne! Your song “No Leash” is a super dope record! What was the theme behind it?

I Appreciate that you rock with the record, it’s been getting a lot of great feedback from my supporters and people back home. The theme behind this song was simple, get to the bag. I wanted to emulate the idea of a being free to get wherever you want in life, for me it was being on stage and getting to do what I love with nothing to hold me back, no chains, no fear, no leash of any kind. It’s a mindset and an energy that I wanted to carry out for the theme, especially after jotting down my first bars “mindset on let’s get it, wicked.”

Were there any challenges you’ve faced as an artist, writing this single? 

An interesting challenge I may have had was trying to differentiate my creative thought of “getting to the bag” because obviously that idea is something that’s talked about often in rap and in hip-hop culture. So I feel like I needed to bring an approach in the context, energy, even story and flow of what it’s like “getting to the bag” and the whole idea of it. I like my lyrics and content to be multi-dimensional, even some of the simplest ideas. For example in the first couple of lines after the first hook I say “Rag to riches, no flash, I’m dashing” that could be looked at in different ways, and it’s not even too complex but it’s in my style of writing to make my lyrics open for interpretation, letting the mind of the listener go deeper into what’s being said.

How does the title of the song, reflect the theme and message you had behind it?

When I was in the process of creating the song, I started writing exactly what was in my head, and all I could I visualize was performing on stage. From the day of the show as I get prepared, to the moments before touching the stage, to giving it my all when I’m out there and the feeling of that rush to do it all over again. Originally I was going to name this record “The Run Off” but my producer who goes by the name of Jon Wick started brainstorming some other names for it with me and every time I played the song immediately I’d get this vibe of wild dogs running free, letting loose. That’s when Jon and I came up with the name “No Leash”. It held that exact idea in my lyrics and theme of getting to the bag, to the stage, to that pay cheque or goal you’ve had your eyes on for so long and the title helped that be told in an artistic way. The SUCKAFREE way, with nothing to hold you back.

What inspired you to write “No Leash” ?

What sparked my inspiration to write this song was recollecting the feeling after the first time I ever performed and got paid. That night I got off stage and I said to myself “this sh*t (ish) for me, I can really do this”. It was the most money I ever made from music at the time and so I strived to get better and hustle harder for bigger stages, better artists to perform with, and ultimately create better music for people to enjoy.  I’ve been doing shows over the past 2 years now, and people tell me I’m charismatic on stage and look comfortable up there, but I was never one who really liked being the centre of attention, especially not in front of bare folks. Over time I adapted to go for it with no hesitation or fear, being a student of the game was important to my craft and wanting to improve was essential to my growth. The thrill and love I get when I’m on stage is unreal because it doesn’t matter who’s in front of me or how many people I see there, I perform with the energy and mindset that thousands of people are watching me at this very moment and because I’m so confident in what I do, I get that boost of excitement to get out there and let loose like a dog off the leash. Til this day performing became what I love most about music, bringing that energetic experience, making it a worthwhile performance, and telling my story through words, movement and passion. I’ve come along way and that journey inspired me to document it in this song. Hence “Tell you all about it, how it happened.”

What’s next for you, Sammi Shyne?

Album dropping June 20th. 96 Summers by me and one of my best friends who produced it, Kavi. Mark it down. I got a lot more projects to drop, I’m exploring a lot more sounds of mine that I’ve yet to show. We’re doing more performances, making more quality music, more money, more problems to solve. But I’m game, my team is straight so I’m excited for all that’s to come. Hopefully I’ll be visiting LA soon but if anyone out there is ever in Toronto come check me out, we get busy. I’ll be having a seasonal SUCKAFREE gear coming out starting this summer, so the art we got going will reach a new level this year, bet on that. 


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