Sammi Shyne Released A Banging Record “No Leash”

Sammi Shyne is a hip-hop artist and poet from Toronto, Canada. His sound is very unique, and well-rounded with different elements in his style. He likes to create a poetic, and energetic experience for his listener. He believes you will feel those emotions through several of his songs alongside his stage presence as well. Music and writing has been his deepest passion for as long as he can remember growing up, and been dedicated to the craft ever since. As an artist with many different talents, he plans to push forward a movement, and message that is given to you through sonic, tasteful music.

Sammi Shyne released his single titled “No Leash” and nothing prepared us for what was to come. The beat was gritty, nasty, and grimy. His delivery and flow was purely FIRE. he transports his listener through an era of rap music with good lyrics and a banging beat. Honestly, I can go on and on about how the beat was so fitting and aggressively projected. I already began thinking about how I wanted to play this song in my car. Imagine riding around the city with a dope rap song that has a deep bass, leaving chills through your body. The delivery on “No Leash” was so sonically fitting to the track, it felt like puzzle pieces were just connecting with one another. The energy is just right, getting you in the mood to party and flex. “No Leash” is a well-executed hip-hop and rap track that would serve the generational rap lovers justice! Sammi Shyne is curating a sound that will be mainstream eventually, and he would be the face of this unique artistry being displayed.

Listen to "No Leash" here and get to know more about Sammi Shyne below!