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Samuel Herb Announces Limewire Partnership, New NFTs, & Tree Planting Initiative

Florida-born and Nashville-based singer-songwriter and Americana recording artist Samuel Herb announce his partnership with Limewire as a Limewire Lime Light Emerging Artist.

Samuel Herb is a singer-songwriter originally from Jacksonville, FL. He's well versed in the Americana sound and has amassed thousands of streams across platforms for his relatable, genuine, and authentic tunes.

In more recent news, Herb just announced his partnership with Limewire as one of the company's first Lime Light Emerging Artists. What should we expect from the collaboration? An NFT collection that includes a digital graphic with unlockable content to;

  • One exclusive song by Samuel Herb

  • A preview of his first single from his upcoming debut album

  • Access to one of his shows per year

  • Access to a Samuel Herb Discord channel

The NFT collection will launch on the "Green" Algorand network, along with a tree planting initiative. Algorand is one of the only blockchains that claims to be a carbon-negative network and the greenest blockchain.

Alongside the "Green" blockchain, Herb will also plant a tree for each NFT he sells.

He opened up about how NFTs aren't usually environmentally friendly, "but with Limewire being on the Algorand Network, which is Net-Carbon Zero, and adding my tree planting initiative, this launch was the perfect way for me to enter the web3 space," he explained.

About his partnership with Limewire, Herb says it's an "amazing opportunity," adding that he "used their original platform to fall in love with music and now being featured as one of their first five emerging artists is an incredible honor."

For more information or to purchase one of Samuel Herb's exclusive NFTs in partnership with Limewire, click here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Samuel Herb. Congratulations on announcing your new partnership with Limewire! How did this partnership begin? When did you first start working with Limewire?

Thank you! I am super excited to be working with Limewire on an NFT project to bring an exclusive song into the world! Our partnership came about because I was kicking around the idea of creating an NFT, and in March, I found that Limewire was coming back. I INSTANTLY applied to be a creator, joined their Discord channel, and started to become active in their online community. A few weeks later, I received an Instagram DM from their head of artist acquisition. One Zoom call later, and I was STOKED to be a Limewire emerging artist!

Could you tell us about your chosen graphics and designs for your exclusive NFTs? Is there a particular theme within these designs?

My digital collectible features a photo of me shot by Annelise Loughead and was designed and animated by Phuoc Huynh. This was originally shot to just be the cover art for a future single called "Paper Thin Walls"; it was the perfect art to intrigue people. Each NFT purchase unlocks an Exclusive Song, a full preview of "Paper Thin Walls", access to one of my shows per year, and access to a Discord channel with announcements and songs before everyone else hears them! The art is just a way to draw people in and excite them about what they are about to unlock!

Why did you want to take your green initiatives one step further and pledge to plant a tree with each NFT purchase? Are you always so passionate about staying green?

I've always loved trees! I started my tree planting initiative in 2020 and have planted over 750 trees with OneTreePlanted since then! I know that NFTs, streaming, and even touring have a huge impact on the environment, and I wanted to do something to help balance my footprint. When Limewire announced they are on the Algorand network, I was all in. Algorand has pledged to be net-carbon ZERO, and that meant the world to me. More trees for the world is always a good thing in my book!

Is launching an NFT collection something you've considered in the past? Why did you choose to launch one alongside Limewire?

I've been considering it, but there hasn't ever been a way to do it net-carbon zero. Limewire was the best option and to be associated with their name is amazing.

What's next for you?

I am finishing up my first ever full-length album called "Copper Sunshine"! We are finishing up the last few touches on all 11 songs and then going out on tour! Currently, I have 10 road dates set for this fall, and the list is growing! Hopefully, some of BuzzMusic fam can make it out when I come to their city! There isn't a set date for the album release, but I can promise it is going to be the best representation of who I am right now, and I am excited to show the world who that is!


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