Samuel Herb Hits Us in the Feels With Romantic Acoustic Single “Just a Tree”

February 18, 2020

By: Isabella W.

Samuel Herb is a singer and songwriter who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, who moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2016 and instantly fell in love with Americana music. Samuel released two hit singles that both reached Top 10 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter chart called “Dirty” and “Someone Else’s Dream.” After these initial successes, Samuel quit his job to pursue music full time. Since then, Samuel Herb has been working tirelessly to release his first EP, as well as constantly performing. In his newest single “Just a Tree", which was produced by Adam Sickler, Samuel tells a romantic story. The slow tempo of the song is the result of a soothing, repetitive pluck of an acoustic guitar with a tambourine as percussion every two beats. There is a soft soundtrack of birds chirping in the background, adding to “Just a Tree’s” naturalistic vibe. Samuel has a gentle voice that he spotlights often by reducing the background music to emphasize certain lyrics.

Samuel’s “Just a Tree” is a metaphorical masterpiece. He sings to a love interest that he describes as “the universe” with himself being “just a tree” in comparison.  He laments her ability to cut him down or dig up his roots.  In this way, Samuel accepts the fact that his great love for her results in her having power over him. He expresses his vulnerability by acknowledging the fact that love may be risky, but it is worth it. As if the message of the song wasn’t enough to trigger his audiences’ emotions, Samuel introduces a sensitive violin after his first declaration that “I am just a tree.” The combination of acoustic guitar, violin, and tambourine intensifies the emotional and passionate effect of the song. If anyone is looking for a purely acoustic and romantic song, “Just a Tree” will intrigue you on your first listen.

Listen to "Just a Tree" here.

Hey Samuel Herb, welcome to BuzzMusic! Your new release “Just a Tree” is such a romantic song! We know you love to tell a story with your songwriting, can you tell us what your inspiration was behind this song? Who/what influenced you to write such emotional lyrics?

This song is about someone not texting me back. As funny as that sounds, I was having a bad day and that was the icing on the cake. It felt like in my world, she was the whole universe, and in hers... It was just a tree! While I don't actually feel that way about that person, it is how I'd like to feel about someone, someday. I can't thank my co-writers Elysse Yulo and Drea Gordon for helping me channel my thoughts and emotions.

You have shared the stage with many successful artists including Rodney Atkins, Jamie Lin Wilson, Son Little, Pokey LaFarge, Amythyst Kiah, Hush Kids, Tyler Hilton, Erin Rae, and Shawn James. Can you tell us how the valuable experience of performing with these artists has inspired your style of music or your process as an artist?

Sharing the stage with these artists was an incredible experience. I learned a ton from them in terms of what it is like out on the road and it is awesome to just share something with people that have already succeeded in something I can only dream about. I am always trying to learn and playing with them is one of the most valuable learning experiences I can ask for.

In the spirit of “Just a Tree” you are planting a tree for every 1,000 streams that this song gets. Can you elaborate on why this is important to you?

This is important to me because as an artist, I don't have a ton of time or funds to make a difference in climate change. This project allows me and my other millennial friends a chance to make a difference without having to shell out much more than hitting the play button. It's a collective effort that builds community and helps the ultimate cause.

After releasing two singles that debuted in the Top 10 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, you decided to quit your job and pursue music full time. How did you know in your heart that this was the best choice for you? Was this a dream you had all along?

This was 100% the dream all along, and my dreams are growing every day. Time is the greatest currency we have and a day job is where I was spending most of it. I was done with that and ready to spend it on myself.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect to see new music and you can see me out on the road! We've built a mini forest out there so far, so keep listening and we will make a greener world!