Samuel Joson Puts His Heart on His Sleeve in, "Queen"

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Filipino-American talent known as Samuel Joson creates a seamless blend of new school pop with the nostalgia of old-school R&B and classic rock.

Growing up listening to an array of genres, Samuel Joson is musically influenced by the likes of Queen, Stevie Wonder, and Bruno Mars. After taking a listen to his most recent single “Queen,” we completely hear how this emerging artist pulls the signature traits from each sound and fuses them together to create a divine resonance that only he can render.

The laid-back essence that is cast out through the live instrumentation of “Queen” has us reminiscing on the character that music of the past eras has been able to etch into our sound waves. With tightly knit drum patterns, a resonated bass line, and the driving effect that the sparse key progressions create, the themes of adoration that get introduced remain effortless.

Samuel Joson’s timbres exude a robust tone that drenches your speakers in certainty as his songwriting techniques embody the type of vulnerability that only love can bring. With lyrical motifs like, ‘But darling you deserve to give your heart another chance, and there is no one who can love you like I can,’ embedding themselves into our mind, we admire the courageous attempt that Samuel Joson places on display as he encourages the apple of his eye to take a chance on him.

What we find the most magical through “Queen,” has to be how the jazz-infused notes of the instrumentation cascade with the storyline in a way that brings out the ultimate immersive experience for listeners far and wide. Reigniting the beauty that lies within all of us, Samuel Joson tours us deeply through his heartfelt mind.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Samuel Joson, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Queen.” We love how the themes you bring to life are so pure and admirable! Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you. I always try to write music that's relatable and based on real-life experiences. I think there are a lot of people out there that are too afraid to put their heart on the line, sometimes myself included. So I wrote this song to do it for them, a musical anthem to say all the things we're all too shy to say out loud.

With such an array of musical influences, what non-musical aspects of life tend to speak into your music?

Honestly, enjoying everyday life and creating new memories, and going through the challenges that come with it. All of it just fills the mind creatively. You can’t write music about things you’ve never seen or situations you’ve never been through, people can see right through that.

Does this song’s meaning fit the subject matter that you usually address in your music? What do you hope that your listeners can take away from the emotion and thoughts stirred up by “Queen?"

I’m a hopeless romantic at the very end of the day, so writing love songs is kind of my home. For listeners, I think you have to put yourself out there in order for anything to happen. So if you lack confidence, I dare you to send this song to your crush right now.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to this very moment?

I think that just diving into creating music and fully embracing all of the challenges has helped me grow immensely. Being able to just be knowledgeable about the industry and seeing that it’s way more than just playing an instrument and writing a song. Just being involved in the process and learning hands-on.