Samuriium and Kingsy Collaborate To Release “Like You Used To”

Sam Macdonald, better known for his professional name Samuriium has been playing piano since 2012. He established his craft from the ground up by teaching himself production in 2015 and mastering his talent from there. Influenced by notable artists like Avicii, Jonas Blue, Kygo and Zedd, Samuriium curates his own authentic sound through his expansive knowledge and training. He is hoping to study at ‘The Academy of Contemporary Music’ or ‘Leeds College of Music’ in September for music production.

“Like You Used To” is a brand new track from Sam and features Kingsy’s vocals. Samuriium really showcases his songwriting and ability as a pianist throughout the track. The independent producer blends tropical house and future pop sounds to create contemporary excellence. With beachy chill vibes, “Like You Used To” is a light hearted summer anthem. The catchy melody and overall good feeling this track exudes is admirable and easily addictive. We love the emotive lyricism and vocals that Kingsy flawlessly delivers. Samuriium works with a magnitude of gifted artists that puts him on the map in a big way! We can’t wait to see what else Samuriium has in store for his listeners!

Listen to “Like You Used To” here! 


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