Sanjeev Dhanie Promises to Never "Leave You Lonely"

The rising singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Sanjeev Dhanie releases a cathartic and reflective listening experience with his serene sophomore single, "Leave You Lonely."

After the release of his debut single (and cover) entitled "July," Sanjeev Dhanie felt compelled to hone in on his craft and find a sound that's uniquely his. Known for blurring the lines between alternative, pop, r&b, and soul, Sanjeev Dhanie is truly the epitome of a versatile and evolving recording artist.

Tearing our hearts to shreds with his latest single, "Leave You Lonely," listeners can get to know the soothing and dreamy likes of Sanjeev Dhanie as he drenches our speakers in emotional, passionate, and conceptual lyricism. While channeling the atmospheric and dreamy stylings of Lana Del Rey, Sanjeev Dhanie is able to convey his own truth while serenading us over top of the lush and hazy sonic atmosphere.

Taking a listen to "Leave You Lonely," the song gently opens with a soft electric guitar melody drenched in reverb alongside Sanjeev Dhanie's ethereal vocal harmonies that cascade over our speakers like an ever-flowing river. As his lead vocal begins to serenade us with each soothing and delicate tone, Sanjeev Dhanie sinks into his lyricism surrounding the ongoing passion and desire he holds for someone special.

Although Sanjeev Dhanie wears his heart on his sleeve while depicting the love he holds for someone, we can't help but feel that this is some sort of 'tragic love,' driven by individual issues and a search for connection and relatability. As the melodic instrumentals lead us to the song's end, Sanjeev Dhanie's haunting vocal harmonies do the same while closing the track on a lustful and desirous note.

Follow your heart's desire with help from Sanjeev Dhanie's smooth sophomore single, "Leave You Lonely," available on all digital streaming platforms. Sanjeev Dhanie also released the song's lyric video today, now available to watch on YouTube.