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Sarah Brunner And Tyler McGinnis Remind Us To Expect Change In, "Caravan"

Seatle-based Americana singer-songwriter and recording artist Sarah Brunner pairs up with singer-songwriter Tyler McGinnis for their rich and passionate new single, "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)."

Sarah Brunner accumulated vast industry knowledge after playing roughly 1,000 live shows. The professional musician played many cover gigs, ranging from acts like Johnny Cash, The Weeknd, and Sheryl Crow. Her rare artistry and focus on rhythm guitar truly put her on the map as a unique and creative force to be reckoned with.

After a five-year hiatus, Sarah Brunner is back and better than ever with the first single, "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)," off her forthcoming debut album. The song is a Brandi Carlile-esque tune that touches on the beauty of past relationships, getting older, and the "realization that the only thing that stays the same is that we change," said Brunner.

Diving into the passionate and introspective single, "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)," we're met with a warm acoustic guitar melody that sets the song's heartfelt and passionate tone. As a tender array of strings begin to pour through, the drums make their way in alongside Sarah Brunner's lush vocal stylings. As she begins to depict scenes of growing beside someone and changing along the way, Tyler McGinnis joins the party with his sonically delicious stylings.

We love the equal amounts of passion that both Brunner and McGinnis offer in this powerfully passionate single, especially as they make their way over to the hook and remind us of how we're constantly evolving. Tyler McGinnis takes on the second verse while swooning our ears until the duo reaches the soothing outro.

Do your daily reflecting with help from Sarah Brunner's latest single, "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sarah Brunner, and congratulations on breaking your hiatus with your recent heartfelt release, "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)." What inspired you to write a song about our ever-changing ways?

Thank you! I wrote this song when I was all over the place, drinking a lot, madly in love while trying to plan a future with my partner at the time. We were inseparable and indecisive. Even though I initially wrote the song for her, I’ve been able to reflect on it and take the message with me that “the only thing that stays the same is that we change.”

Why did you want "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)" to be a duet? What did Tyler McGinnis bring to the table that you were looking for?

The song wasn’t initially written as a duet, but when Tyler and I sang it for the first time, it just clicked. He started singing this with me right after my breakup. It clicked right away, not just with his incredible vocals but the way he carries himself with such positivity and optimism. He helped me embrace the changes I was going through.

What was your creative process like when navigating the instrumentals and atmosphere for "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)?"

Aside from the vocal melodies, the rhythm guitar is the real driver in the song - my producer, Brittany Rogers, and I arranged the drums, bass, and violin around the guitar. We recorded smooth but strong vocals over a tightly arranged rhythm section. My goal was to make the song almost country, but not quite.

Why did you choose to release "Caravan (feat. Tyler McGinnis)" as your first single after your five-year pause? How does this single represent your new and improved sound?

I chose “Caravan” because it was one of the first songs I’d written that I held so closely to my heart. It was fitting to who I was when I wrote it and is fitting to who I am now. It represents my new sound in that I’ve never intentionally arranged a song as tightly as I have with “Caravan.”

What should we expect from your forthcoming debut album? Does this album showcase your artistic growth since before your five-year hiatus?

The songs on my album are stories about the people I’ve met in the last 4 years since I’ve been in Seattle, and how they’ve influenced my life. I’ve definitely grown artistically in that I’ve had a lot more experience in songwriting, and I’m sharing songs more vulnerably. I’ve written about falling in love, being played, drinking, depressive episodes, and accepting the present moment. It’s taken 5 years to live those moments, reflect, and write, and I feel ready to tell my story.


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