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Sarah Christine Makes Our Heart Melt With "Like The Movies"

Singer/songwriter Sarah Christine was introduced into the music scene in 2014. Within

following years, she would release her first album, “Unheard”, and her second album, “Breaking

Silence” in 2017 and 2018 respectively.All of her albums are written,produced,and arranged by

Sarah while being mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. For 2019,

Sarah Christine plans to start her tour, “To the Mountains” during the Spring.

A beautiful piano ballad is what Sarah Christine’s song, “Like The Movies” consists of.

Christine’s vocals are sultry and uniquely breathy with enough power to move forward. The

harmonies are beautifully incorporated and work well with the storyline of the song and music

video. A very touching song that showcases the universal want of being happy and finding

someone they love. Going through the heartfelt and sentimental lyrics, Sarah reminds the listeners

that it is okay to want to be happy, but with happiness there will always be struggles. Ending with

a heart-tug of almost whispered lyrics brings us to tears as we reflect upon our life. “Like The

Movies” is a warm and nostalgic acoustic ballad that will find its way in your heart and playlist.

Pull your heartstrings with Sarah Christine's "Like The Movies" on Spotify, and be sure to check out this artist's personalized interview below!

Hi Sarah, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

 Hey all! I’m Sarah Christine - Singer/Songwriter out of Denver & Minneapolis. I enjoy wine, long walks on the beach, annnnnnd writing, composing, producing and singing just for you :). I’ve released 2 albums since 2017, most recently releasing “Breaking Silence” and a holiday single “Home For Christmas”.  I’m a huge believer that we are all in it together with making dreams come true - so I’m SO glad we are on a team together on this musical journey!  Thank you for you support, for listening, for coming to shows, for streaming, for purchasing my mp3s, cds and vinyls and for everything you are to every lyric I write.  Cheers to all that’s to come - TOGETHER 🖤

Did you release any music before your first album release in 2017?  

I was in a band called SarahLou where we released local music in Minneapolis. 

What was your idea for the music video for “Like the Movies”?

Like the Movies is a very personal song for me.  I met someone where we fell in love at hello, was strong, but fell apart.  I thought about how love is like the movies.  A movie either ends in love and marriage or ends in heart ache - but either way - it’s love.  My story is so personal and frankly quite jaw dropping for the experience I went through to where I thought others that may have gone through something similar may need a song like this to get through.  I know I needed to write it to get through myself.

Is this song a narrative about your own life? 

Yes - it’s so close to home and pulls at my heart every time I play it.  Every note I play and sing live always feels like the first time I wrote/sang it because it’s that heart wrenching given all I had to work through to overcome. 

How do you collaborate with your listeners?

I truly believe we are all on this journey together and I care about every single person I meet that listens, comes to shows, emails me, etc.  I keep a log of everyone I meet so I remember everyone’s name and make sure they feel so special (I hope anyway) every time we interact.  I interact with the crowd at shows - pulling people on stage or I come off stage and sing with someone or perform totally acoustic.  I buy rounds of drinks for people or invite folks to after party’s etc - I think it’s so important to stay and be connected.  I know my fondest experiences with my music idols have done the same for me, and I’ll never forget those moments.  I hope to create them for all that support me too, just as those musicians did with me. 

Since releasing your own music and being a part of the music industry, what is one important thing you have learned so far?

Always. Keep. Writing. Work hard, hustle, and let the grind be what you enjoy.  The best moments I’ve had in music so far have been the most challenging times and I think that’s part of the love - it’s just like relationships - the chase is what’s fun ;). 


Keep up to date with Sarah through her website or social media:



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