Sarah Christine Releases Memorable And Authentic Single "Aspen"

Hey Sarah! We're so happy we can feature you and your latest music here on BuzzMusic! How do you feel your music has been developing over time?

My music has been progressing nicely!  Currently we are focused on building an "insider team" of people that enjoy my music for secret shows, updates, live streams, etc!  I've also been fortunate to start working with a team of people whom are just as invested in growing our music business and career!  We have a lot of surprises coming for the end of 2019 for everyone and into 2020!  Stay tuned for all the excitement and announcements! 

"Aspen" is an incredibly memorable and authentic single. Can you tell us more about how the creation process went for the song? 

Yes!  I looped the music using my piano and looping in beats to quickly pick up the tone.  I originally wrote it as a solo piano song but felt that it could be a song that could impact the pop streams more by looping in other instrumental to pick up the pace. via up tempo   However, the song is also really beautiful played just on the piano in which I'll be shooting a live music video covering the song without the drums/loops very soon as well as within some upcoming live shows.  

We know there's a deeper meaning and story behind "Aspen". Are you able to share with our BuzzMusic listeners what the song truly means to you, and where you drew your inspiration from?  

Yes!  I met a woman in Denver that I started dating (and still am) whom lives in Aspen.  She is an adventurous soul and extremely driven and has also been through a lot to get to where she is - she was the inspiration behind this song.  I also wanted to connect with the Aspen community as I've grown incredibly fond of the people there, the community they serve, the philanthropy focus' of so many people I've met and the embrace of new friendships.  Aspen is a special song for me and I hope the city of Aspen, the state of Colorado, and anyone affiliated with the amazing city through visits or memories or relationships feel the same connection to the song that I do!

We're excited to hear that you're shooting four new music videos in the upcoming months! What is the recording process like for you during filming?

Do you personally enjoy aspects that come along with singing and writing, like filming for music videos?Yes! We can't wait!  I can't divulge too much at this time, but all 4 videos will be live recordings working alongside TogFilms.   We want to show the streaming community what they can expect from me as if they were sitting at a live show within their living room.  We hope it's an intimate series that will continue to connect others with my music and mission of us all being on this journey together.  

Can you explain the personal connection you feel with music? 

It's in my blood - there's nothing I'd rather do.   Almost every connection with someone, conversation, experience causes me to create music daily in which I feel incredibly blessed that lfie moments turn into song in my mind.   Creating, writing, producing, looping, building organic relationships, making mistakes, running and learning the business aspect of music, and working alongside other talent and mentors - t's all a part of the process and I am enjoy every aspect of it and still have so much to learn together! 

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to talk with us about your recent music (and a little extra personal stuff)! We're waiting eagerly for your single "Minnesota Eyes" to come out! How's the recording going for the track so far?

It's going great!  It's actually the first song I ever wrote while living in Minnesota and recently at a concert in Denver, wonderful woman, Jena, requested the song and although it wasn't on my set list, I sang it to her on a park bench outside of the bar after the show.  She remembered it from one of my first concerts in Minneapolis and said it was her favorite song.  It brought that song back to life for me and I can't wait for you to hear the release!   We are also considering releasing a video and including her and her partner in the video as a thank you for bringing that song back to life for me!  

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