Sarah Harralson Gets Lost In Some Rock and Roll

Nice to have you today! Tell us about your road to success

Thanks for having me! I moved to Nashville 7 years ago from Knoxville, TN, and signed my first publishing deal in 2015. After graduating college, I started my professional career working on the business side of the music industry, and just this February, I signed an artist development and publishing deal with Busy at Play Publishing, which Johnny Garcia (guitar for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood) owns. Besides writing for some other independent artists, I have put out 2 EPs and a collaborative album, and most recently, my new single, "Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone" in June. You can expect to hear another new single from me on October 9th called, "Get Lost in Some Rock 'N Roll".  If you could be in two places at one time, every day...where would those places be? 

Nashville & Australia!  How do you get pumped up before a big event? 

I always have up-beat, energizing music playing while I get ready, and then I usually do a shot of whiskey or apple cider vinegar to clear up the vocal cords and loosen up! What is your mantra?


The only thing standing in your way of achievement is yourself.

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