Sarah Jordan and Matt Von Warm Our Hearts With New Single "Watch Me"

February 20, 2020

Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are a sister/brother duo here to exhibit their explosive new sound. The two have always shared a passion for music and finally decided to come together as a creative music duo. Sarah Jordan and Matt Von make us feel full of hope and harmony. The two vocalists mesh well together and compliment each other's voices in every way possible. Their latest single, "Watch Me" demonstrates an enhanced melody from both Sarah and Matt.

Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are spotlighting their recent debut "Watch Me" and the track is mystic, filled with a soft and warm buzz. Sarah Jordan and Matt Von collectively deliver a sultry and alluring performance with "Watch Me". Through the use of English and Spanish vocals, Sarah and Matt create a charming atmosphere in "Watch Me", allowing soulful elements to shine through. The duo's sibling chemistry is incredibly charismatic, and their overall vocals are well developed and delightful. The duo thrives, as does their music.

Check out Sarah Jordan and Matt Von's "Watch Me" here.