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Sarah Kellysen Turns Up On "Mundane Monday"

From Calgary, Alberta, singer-songwriter, actress, and driven recording artist Sarah Kellysen spins the groove in a hot new single entitled "Mundane Monday."

The gender-fluid queer artist first earned her chops in the entertainment industry after an acting coach from Los Angeles discovered her and began developing her craft. Following many acting gigs, Kellysen decided to release her debut album 'Transition' in 2017. After some soul searching and self-discovery, she's finally on her way to dropping her fourth album.

The forthcoming project starts with the lead single, "Mundane Monday." Although it may sound like a rather dull theme, Sarah Kellysen does an incredible job of livening the atmosphere with modern electronic elements and her charismatic and poised vocal delivery. Instead of belting her heart out, Kellysen takes the cool, calm, and collected route in this track to fuel it with allure and attitude.

Hitting play on the new hit, "Mundane Monday," the track begins with a warm and club-like deep house production arrangement alongside tight and plucky electric guitar riffs that meet the drum breaks with the perfect amount of anticipation and groove. Sarah Kellysen makes her poised way in. She expands on those mundane Mondays and needs a cathartic release from such dull days.

Heading over to the hook, Kellysen dives into the realm of allure and charm while urging us to tell our special someone what we really want. This song's rhythmic and electronic arrangement gives us heavy voguing energy, especially the spacey and vibrant synths that ooze with modernity and power.

Don't hold back from turning up on a "Mundane Monday" with Sarah Kellysen's latest single, now available on all streaming platforms.

We love the vibe and club-like feel of your recent single, "Mundane Monday." What inspired you to create such a groovy and conceptual single?

I think the best music is when it's timeless and universal. I felt this song could be played and fit into any era of dance and pop music. I looked back at pieces from decades ago considered catchy, and I tried to understand why they still are played today. Madonna's Vogue, Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Outta My Head are examples, and I wanted to do something in that vein but with my essence. I think this music sonically and lyrically suits me.

What themes or messages did you want to get across within your lyrics in "Mundane Monday?"

"Mundane Monday" is a universal theme of how we all live in a pattern that we are so used to waking up, going to work, going home, eating, sleeping, etc., and how we think our lifestyle is Mundane once we get used to it. However, we forget the ordinary may not be so ordinary if we take the concept out of our minds and look at what's around us. I am personally independent. I come from wanting to see two or more sides of an argument and seek to find common ground answers. If I don't agree with something, I love that because I ask myself why and try to understand where someone is coming from to learn something new. In today's world, we see a lot of people, because they don't like or don't agree with an opinion, try to block it out "cancel it" instead of trying to face it head-on and have an open conversation. Many times when you meet with someone in the middle, they will hear your message louder and clearer, at least from my experience. I am open to having a conversation with anyone from all walks of life, and I love diverse conversations and people. I think my ultimate goal with "Mundane Monday" is to not have preconceived notions of someone for who they are or what they stand for because they can surprise you. I have been surprised many times myself! It's the most rewarding experience.

Who produced the deep house-like production for "Mundane Monday?" Do you usually take this modern and danceable route?

This song was produced by ChillingCat, a Korean Producer of the music company Mixtape Seouls Production. He does such beautiful work! What made me want to take this route is Truly. The three albums I did previously were about chasing trends that were currently in. If you look at some of the songs I did back a couple of years ago. They were a catalog of the times. "Catwalk" and "Dead Love Floats" were made in 2015/2016, when Tropical EDM pop was trending. "Let's Be Casual" was created when the deep dark house was more of a trend. Now I wanted to take a step back and do something that I genuinely enjoy. I wanted to create music that could stand the test of time. I have faith it will.

What should we expect to experience on your forthcoming album? How does "Mundane Monday" fit into the project's theme?

The upcoming album is a journey about facing fears of any roadblock that stops you from being you. It is a story-driven album, probably some of the most lyrically grounding work I have ever done, and I am super excited to share my messages across the board. There is a unifying theme throughout in terms of lyrics and production. Mundane Monday is all about facing the fear of digging deeper into areas that have preconceived notions. "Tell them what you want, what you want" is easier said than done.

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