Sarah Keyser Takes Us out to Sea With Her Latest Single, “Lost at Sea”

Sarah Keyser is a Pop Rock singer/songwriter who creates honest, emotional, storytelling music. She has been songwriting since the age of 13. Sarah has graduated from Berklee College of Music and won the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her song "The One We Left Behind". Since graduating and moving to Los Angeles, she has been working as a songwriter for local artists, in addition to writing her own music. As a performer, she has played venues that include The Viper Room, The Study, The Virgil, and House of Blues.

In late 2019, Sarah Keyser released her single "Lost at Sea". It is a fun Indie Pop Rock tune that features well-developed guitar riffs, exciting acoustic drums, and Sarah's gorgeous vocal performance. Sarah's guitar skills really shine here with her beautiful melodic lines and her exquisite playing that does not interfere with her lyrics. The underlying story is painted in "Lost at Sea" is one that many people will be able to appreciate. The songwriting is a key highlight here. Sarah Keyser crafts catchy singable melodies in the chorus that is easy to imagine a whole crowd singing along to. We cannot wait for her new EP in April.

Listen to "Lost at Sea" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sarah! We can't stop listening to "Lost at Sea"! How did you come up with the concept for the song? What was the production and recording process for it like? I was in college when I wrote "Lost at Sea" and it's basically about how I felt lost at that time in my life. The song's central theme is based around trying to find oneself without being judged for being in a state of limbo. The recording process was done at Berklee and was produced by Amanda Marsh, who is one of my best friends/roommate. We ended up waiting to release it until we moved to LA.  Your guitar skills really come through here, do you find yourself coming up with ideas on the guitar first and then thinking of a lyric? Is there a certain guitar or sound that helps keep you inspired? As a songwriter, I always start with a guitar riff or chord progression and then improvise over it to start creating a new song. I typically write on one of my Telecasters or my Taylor acoustic. I enjoy playing these guitars because of their bright sound and versatility. It must feel very exciting to be putting out a new EP next month, especially after putting out 3 singles! Do you have any interesting stories from its creation? Is there an element about it that you are most excited about? During the process of recording we would sometimes have to book studio time starting at 2am and ending at 6am because the studios were so in demand. I would have to drink a whole red bull just to stay awake, but it was a really fun time and worth the lack of sleep. I am excited to have people hear the fully produced versions of my songs because we put a lot of work into the recordings and these tunes mean a great deal to me.

We're loving your sound, it's very modern but also familiar to hear! Do you have any influences that inspire any of the songwriting and production choices you make? Are there idols that you look up to? I am a big fan of Paramore, The Black Keys, and Grimes. I really enjoy how Hayley Williams approaches her melodies and lyrics and how Daniel Auerbach creates his guitar riffs. I also love Grimes because she builds her songs well and has a distinct style. I write in a handful of genres so I always pull from different influences, but these are my top three as of now. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I plan on releasing two EPs in 2020 as well as doing a small tour around California. Keep an eye out for future shows and special announcements!