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Sarah Morey Haunts Us With Her Tender Ballad, "Ghost Stories"

From Tampa to Nashville, the Country Artist and Singer/Songwriter Sarah Morey grieves the emotional loss of a friend with her latest sincere single, "Ghost Stories." Beginning her career at the mere age of fifteen after having written music for eight years prior, the 20-year-old artist has seen incredible success through playing multiple festivals, attending GRAMMY camp Nashville, and performing on stage with notable acts.

Sarah Morey's latest single "Ghost Stories," tells a saddening tale of reminiscing on past love and friendship while wanting to rekindle that flame long after the ship has sailed. Over emotional instrumentation through passionate acoustic guitar picking, the song offers this sensation of serenity and peace while allowing listeners to dive deep into the desirous corners of their minds.

"Ghost Stories" opens with Sarah Morey's emotional vocals accompanied by sole acoustic guitar picking, offering an incredibly serene and calming atmosphere. As she continues to sing of past love and the flame is ignited, we can hear the pure emotion and passion that exudes merely through the tone of her voice.

As the instrumentals begin to swell around the hook through subtle percussion patterns and haunting background strings, Sarah Morey comes through the utmost genuine lyricism regarding situations that changed her world forever and letting go of the passion that once was. Ending the song on an emotional note through the addition of warm electric guitar, we feel instant chills through the song's overall passion and soul.

We love each reminiscent aspect of Sarah Morey's tender single, "Ghost Stories," as she continues to pour her heart out for listeners to find a space they can relate with and find inner peace.

What inspired you to delve deeper into past situations and write about them in such a heartfelt and reminiscent way with your single, "Ghost Stories?"

I was inspired to write "Ghost Stories" from a reminiscent perspective because it's a very real perspective to have when looking back on a failed friendship. It's a perspective that not only I have, but many other people have as well. I hope that this song can offer comfort to anyone who has experienced losing a friendship.

Your vocals and lyricism within "Ghost Stories" gives us instant chills. How did working with fellow Songwriter Kamryn Palmer help your vision come to life? Was it difficult to reach back and write about better times?

Thank you so much! I started writing "Ghost Stories" alone in my bedroom, just me and my guitar. I had so many ideas pouring out and was doing my best to organize them into a song. I quickly showed Kamryn Palmer what I was working on and she had brilliant ideas of ways to complete the song. I'm so thankful to have Kamryn as a co-writer on this song! When it comes to reaching to the past to write about better times, it can definitely be difficult and even painful. However, as a songwriter, it's a kind of therapy for me. It's also my job to process the things I've been through and write lyrics that people can hopefully connect to.

Speaking on the warm and tender instrumentals within "Ghost Stories," how did you arrange the instrumentation to offer the same heart and passion that your lyrics deliver? Why did you add the bright electric guitar to end the song off?

I had written the simplistic acoustic guitar part that we included in the final recording. The simple, rhythmic aspects of that guitar part just felt right to me as I was writing the song. I also had the absolute pleasure of working with Josh Alfano, who produced "Ghost Stories". He had incredible ideas for the arrangement of this song that really reflected the emotion and intention behind it. I am so thankful to have been able to work with Josh on this song!

Would you say that your discography mostly features heartfelt and emotional songs like "Ghost Stories?" Are songs like this a staple for your brand?

I would say that I do my best to convey honesty in my songs and I hope that is the common denominator throughout my discography. Sometimes, in order to best convey honesty in a song, it needs to be more fun and upbeat. On the other hand, sometimes honesty in a song means a heartfelt ballad. I like to think I have a good mix between the two.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

his has been such a strange year for all of us. I am so thankful to still be living in Nashville and making music, but life is definitely not normal right now. However, I am beyond thankful to be surrounded by other creatives to collaborate with during this time. My best friends, Josh Alfano and Kamryn Palmer were my main collaborators on this song. I am inspired by them every day and so glad I am able to make music with them. I have also been staying inspired creatively by working at Off The Row Studio this year. I have been working there as a Staff Songwriter and A&R Rep since early this year. It has been a blast getting to collaborate with the team there as well as the amazing artists that we work with. Now that "Ghost Stories" is out, I am releasing another single very soon called "Louisiana". Due to the damage caused by natural disasters in the state of Louisiana, I am partnering with SBP Disaster Relief for this release. To stay updated on me and my music, follow me @sarahmoreymusic and sign up for my mailing list at





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