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Sarah Morey Unleashes The “Wild” Side Of Herself In New Single

Get ready to unleash your wild side with Sarah Morey's spirited country bop, aptly titled "Wild." Morey is a force to be reckoned with—her spunk, charm, and undeniable energy shine through in every note of this edgy anthem. This isn't just a song; it's a declaration of Morey's unapologetic spirit, and boy, does she wear it well.

Originally hailing from Tampa, Florida, Morey's journey began as a songwriter at the tender age of seven, and she took the stage professionally at fifteen. With "Wild," Sarah Morey isn't just making a comeback; she's making a statement—country music has a new firecracker, and her name is Sarah Morey.

From the get-go, Morey's voice hits you with a burst of confidence, a sonic embodiment of her vibrant personality. The brilliance of her vocal range and the meticulous way she weaves detailed lyrics create a musical tapestry that oozes authenticity. This track brings Morey's stories to life, leaving an indelible mark on your musical soul.

As she channels the essence of femme country music powerhouses, the track has a delightful touch of nostalgia. Morey seamlessly blends the timeless allure of country with her contemporary flair, creating a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

"Wild" is poised to charm listeners with its infectious authenticity and a tempo that practically begs you to hit the dance floor. This marks Morey's return to the music scene after a two-year hiatus, and anticipation is soaring as fans eagerly await this vibrant, genuine, and downright fun addition to the pop-country repertoire.

So, buckle up, let loose, and get ready to go "Wild" with the infectious sounds of a record needing to be heard.

We love the energy you bring forth in "Wild." Can you please share more about the moment or story behind the creation of this song?

I was initially inspired to write "Wild" because my good friend Bobby Pinson called me "wild!" when I jumped off of a table at a honky tonk at the Muscle Shoals Songwriter Festival. Bobby is one of a few real cowboys I have met since moving to Nashville a little over five years ago. Eventually, they all began to call me wild, and I felt it was proper for who I am, contrary to how I was raised.

This release marks your return to the music scene after two years. What prompted this hiatus, and how does it feel to come back with a track as lively and genuine as "Wild?"

My last release, "Courtney Drive," was released a little over two years ago, and between now and then, I have been working hard on starting my company, Lucky Money Entertainment. Lucky Money is a Music Row-based company that is "by artists, for artists" and works to get songs heard. The community and team that has come around Lucky Money over the last two years have allowed the "Wild" single release to happen in every way imaginable. I am thankful for the growth that happened during the time between "Courtney Drive" and "Wild," and I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished over the coming years.

What theme and imagery are you painting for your audience throughout "Wild"? After two years, does it hold up in terms of the vision you always wanted to bring to life?

I hope "Wild" encourages listeners to be their true version. I also poured a ton of neon honky tonk imagery into the song that I hope listeners can feel in the track. It lives up to the Shania-inspired vision I had for the release!

How do you infuse your personality and spirit into your music, particularly in this track, and what aspects of your life and experiences contribute to that charm?

"Wild" is a testament to where I'm from, where I'm at, and where I'm going. It is a true story of my journey moving from Tampa to Nashville to pursue music.

How do you hope your audience connects with the song, and what emotions or reactions are you excited to evoke from them through this spirited anthem?

I hope audiences can dance and drink to "Wild" - it was a blast to create, and I am thrilled to share it with listeners!


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