Sarah Rebecca Has Traveled The World, Now She’s Back To Release Her New Single, “Lost & Found”

Irish singer-songwriter, Sarah Rebecca, is here to showcase her folky roots. Taking part in multiple performances across America, including Celtic Woman and Disney’s Raglan Road, Sarah has eight years of professional singing experience under her belt. When this multi-talented artist isn’t busy traveling the world, she takes part in Irish Musicals. Now, Sarah has moved home to work on her own music. Her first of many songs to come is titled “Lost & Found.”

The sweetness behind “Lost & Found” speaks through the music. Opening with a soft harmonic hook, Sarah leads us into a space of serenity. It’s as if her voice is made of silk. She sings the lyric so beautifully, “Using the silent surroundings, they enter utopia without a frown.” Drums come in with a delicate shuffle with dreamy cymbals and percussion. Layered with textures of warmth and comfort, listening to this song made us feel right at home. Ending on a hopeful note, Sarah Rebecca’s new single “Lost & Found” had our hearts the entire way through. We can’t wait to see what else this artist has to offer.

Listen to “Lost & Found” here.

Hi Sarah! We can see you’ve had a lot of experience in your professional singing career and have traveled across the world in pursuit of your passion. Where do you think this drive and dedication came from? What inspired you to take on a career in the music industry?

Maybe a bit of a cliche but I was young and I’d seen the movie Almost Famous and when I got an offer to tour I jumped at the chance to see what that’s really like. Also I knew I didn’t want t be an anthropologist when I grew up. The drive was in the unknown. The new city. The new venue and the people. 

We loved listening to your new single, “Lost & Found”. Can you delve deeper into the meaning of the lyrics?

I grew with my folks playing great music like Billy Joel and Bowie (my dad) / the Carpenters/ Emmylou Harris  (my mam) but the turning point was Lea Salonga in Les Miserables - I wore down the VCR tape when I was 4/5years old from overplaying - I wanted to make people feel something with a song. I loved the stage and being someone else on it. 

Your voice is so beautiful and has a distinct character. Do you think this took time for you to master or has this artistry always been a part of you and your musicality?

Someone said to me I can’t enjoy being alone. Reading my book in a pub/ taking myself out for dinner ... but I can and I do. Then it got a little deeper and it was about people that are wee bit quieter and the fact that words hurt & we don’t forget. Releasing the song in lockdown, living alone means I proved myself right. I can be alone and happy within myself. (Although I do miss hugging everybody)

Now that you’ve traveled the world in multiple productions and performances, do you have any other aspirations or goals you’re trying to reach? Are any currently being put into place?

I think it took a little coaching as a kid to learn certain techniques and to gain confidence. But I don’t think I was overtrained. I like to think there's a raw/storytelling element to my voice. It’s still its own sound no matter the genre. And I’ve sung everything from Traviata to Zeppelin so I know it's been through the wringer.

Now that you’ve traveled the world in multiple productions and performances, do you have any other aspirations or goals you’re trying to reach? Are any currently being put into place?

I traveled the world singing other people's songs, so it would be nice to return to some of the places with my own. I’d like to play at the jazz fest scene, specifically Montreux Jazz Festival. I love that sound and some of my other pieces are jazzier. But o be honest, I just want to sing. Be that my own original material or just to be apart of a wonderful production. This is early days for me. I just want to share my tunes, clear my google drive and Dropbox and get a manager so someone can tell me how to do this correctly haha!