Sarah Shoumer Enchants Us With Holiday Song "Secret Santa"

Pop artist Sarah Shoumer is coming out with new music this holiday! She's really spreading that holiday cheer, and we mean that seriously. Her youthful approach to her vocal execution is what makes her voice the perfect one for a new holiday single. As a young woman, Sarah has instilled her artistry in evoking positive and hopeful feelings towards her listeners. Her entire foundation as an artist screams what the holiday season is all about. As a pop artist, Sarah pulls her inspiration from other pop artists alike, such as Alessia Cara and Kelsea Ballerini. She's currently finishing her EP but has released "Secret Santa" as part of her holiday sounds.


The beginning of "Secret Santa" has that airy and whimsical-type feel, that type of feeling present in almost every Christmas classic. Sarah Shoumer has such a strong innocence embedded in her voice when she sings "Secret Santa". It's still such a raw and youthful sounding voice, which we thought really attributed to the magical feeling every Christmas song possesses. This purity remains constant throughout the entirety of "Secret Santa", successfully establishing that emotionally-filled and cozy feeling we receive from the best holiday tracks out there! Sarah Shoumer's voice won't escape your memory--we've always recalled the delicate and natural components that are really the essence of what makes Sarah stand out. We'll be listening to "Secret Santa" for now, but we're seriously anticipating the release of Sarah's 2020 EP!

Listen to "Secret Santa" here.

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