Sarah Stark Shakes Our Speakers With a Soulful Single, "Theo"

The Canadian powerhouse vocalist, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Sarah Stark releases her last single of the year with a soulful and heartfelt ballad entitled "Theo."

With heartbreakingly honest lyrics merged with ear-worm melodies and a powerful vocal range, Sarah Stark makes it difficult to ignore such a refreshing and attention-grabbing artistry. With inspirations like Adele, Billie Eilish, and Amy Winehouse, Sarah Stark aims to achieve the same badassery and vocal prowess that these influential women have managed to master.

Now releasing her final single of 2021 entitled "Theo," Sarah Stark leaves us in awe of the song's dynamic tones that portray the emotions of a tumultuous relationship. As Sarah Stark's powerful vocals belt her passion and desire for someone special, she makes the experience all the more memorable with each honest and vulnerable lyric.

Diving into the single, "Theo," the song begins with a moody and distant electric guitar and tender piano melodies. As Sarah Stark makes her gentle and soft vocal appearance, she elaborates on the flowers upon her windowsill that remind her of better times with someone special. As she ventures into the hook, Sarah Stark wears her heart on her sleeve while sinking further into the limitless passion she holds.

As we reach the song's bridge and outro, this has to be the highlight of the track as it reaches its climax with help from Sarah Stark's powerful vocal belt and accompanying instrumentals that sonically serenade us with fluid guitars, rich piano melodies, and a bold mid-tempo drum arrangement.

Feel your heart pound out of your chest with help from Sarah Stark's latest single, "Theo," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're wildly impressed with the passion and soul you've delivered in your latest single, "Theo." What compelled or inspired you to release your emotions via song and create this powerful ballad?

Thank you so much! This song came from what I feel like most songs like this come from: heartbreak. I had been going through a really tough relationship and was feeling really torn as to what to do, and I just sat at my piano and wrote this song. It really just flowed and I just wrote everything I was feeling.

Did you encounter any personal hardships when writing your passionate and vulnerable lyrics for "Theo"? Or would you say you're rather familiar with wearing your heart on your sleeve during your songwriting process?

It’s funny because I used to be very closed off, but a couple of years ago something switched and I now will tell a stranger my life story. That really helped me let down my walls with songwriting, and just tell my story exactly how I wanted it to be. I really treat songwriting as therapy for me, and once I get into that mindset it’s easy to just put it all out there and wear my heart on my sleeve.

We noticed that the instrumentals within "Theo" perfectly match your vocal tones from the heartfelt and tender beginning to the powerful and soulful end. How did you create the instrumentals to enhance your vocals and lyricism?

The instrumentals for this song hold a very special place in my heart, so I am so glad you picked up on it :) We recorded almost all the instrumentation in one session, except the piano. That day was really special because we didn’t really have a plan, but we just let the music flow. The piano though was recorded by my dad at his home studio, which is really incredible. I was super honored to have him in this song, and I really think that’s why it blends so well..

Seeing that "Theo" is your last single of the year, are you planning to release any EPs or albums before 2021 comes to a close? Or will you begin releasing again once we hit 2022?

Well, I’m honestly just really excited to see where the year takes me. I have so much material that’s just waiting to be released, but I have no set plans yet with how I want it to be released. What I can say is that there will be more music to come in 2022.

What's next for you?

There’s so much more music in the future, but I really want to work on building a great team behind me. I’d also really love to go on tour in the near future and visit all the incredible people I’ve been making connections with during the pandemic. I’m really just excited to see where my music takes me, and I’m up for the adventure wherever it leads!