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Sarah Von Reis Surrenders Herself To Love In “All My Ghosts”

The Swedish singer and songwriter navigate the complicated relationship between personal identity, vulnerability, and love in her new release, “All My Ghosts.”

Sarah Von Reis has always been one to say what she feels. Having grown up in Gothenburg, Sweden, Von Reis started honing her musical talent early, practicing music in the local youth choir when she was twelve.

Von Reis found inspiration for her music in the melodic language of Swedish jazz, indie pop, and a burning passion and desire to tell stories. A former member of the popular group Dolly Style, Von Reis decided to take her career on the solo path to chart her own way and remain uncompromisingly true to her artistic vision.

It was this artistic vision that led to “All My Ghosts.” Over elegant yet haunting instrumentals, Von Reis’s distinct, ethereal vocals take you on a musical journey. Although created with some signature nordic melancholy in mind, Von Reis’s velvety vocals instill a sense of yearning and, dare we say, hope.

Von Reis notes that “All My Ghosts” was the first love song she ever wrote. It’s based on a love letter she wrote to a girl she liked. When she realized she was gay, love felt a lot scarier. Lyrics like “Strip me bare / Pray that I am enough” are an open, honest admission to the relatable vulnerability Von Reis allows herself to feel.

At the same time, lines like the oft-repeated “All my ghosts are dancing / they’re dancing for ya” are an admission of Von Reis’s fear and baggage and her resolve to move past them. Von Reis is an incredibly strong storyteller, as she expertly combines polished production with instantly recognizable and powerful vocals to tell her story.

Sarah Von Reis’s “All My Ghosts” is a deliciously melancholy, queer take on the messy relationship between vulnerability, love, and identity. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her. When you’re ready, tap in and stream “All My Ghosts,” available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sarah. We loved “All My Ghosts”! It felt like a cool re-interpretation of your classic love song; it was refreshing! We have to ask; it’s not easy for artists to express vulnerability. Is that something that comes naturally for you and your music?

Thank you, what an honor, and I´m so happy you like "All My Ghosts!" Honestly, I´m a natural-born oversharer, and I wear my emotions on the outside. Being in touch with my emotions and vulnerability is one of my best qualities, but it has taken a few rounds of therapy to care for that and protect my little emo-heart, LOL. Music has been my outlet forever, and I´m so blessed to have that. Sharing it with the world feels both empowering because I own it all but also completely gut-wrenching cause it is so personal.

So you’re from Gothenburg, born and raised. What is the music scene like there, and how did it influence your growth as an artist? The scene in Gothenburg is great and stems from something quite raw and underground. I spent alot of time going to "illegal parties" in the woods and empty warehouses. Growing up in Gothenburg instead of Stockholm or any other larger city allowed me to be surrounded by more of an indie scene and alot of DIY settings, which has inspired me and still does today. So “All My Ghosts” addressed what it meant to strip your feelings bare, hope you’re good enough, and confess your love to somebody. Is there anything, in particular, you wanted your fans and listeners to take away from this song? That love is scary, and that´s ok. For our generation - in one way, the concept of love is made so available to us cause it´s very commercialized in songs, movies, books, etc., but still, it´s also so inaccessible and hard to grasp at the same time. That makes it so scary and confusing, and no one KNOWS how to get or give love. You have to try and hope for the best. You used to be part of the popular group Dolly Style, but you decided to branch out and go solo. What has that meant for your evolution as an artist? I´ve realized how much creative freedom means to me. I want to feel completely true to myself, my music, and my brand this time. I´m grateful for the experience with Dolly Style, but my creativity is a huge part of me, and I can´t push that down. What’s next for Sarah Von Reis? Can we expect more music soon?

On December 16th, the music video for All My Ghosts is premiering. I´m so excited! I release a second single at the beginning of next year, and my debut EP, "Melancholia High Season," is out in March!


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