Sarah Wickett Fell Into the Trap of a Modern-Day, "Momma's Boy"

From Beaverton to Toronto, the singer-songwriter and country artist Sarah Wickett releases an honest and necessary tune with her latest single entitled "Momma's Boy."

Intertwined with music since before she can remember, Sarah Wickett later moved to Toronto at the age of 18 and became immersed in the city's music scene. After releasing her self-titled debut EP, Sarah Wickett managed to share stages with acts like Bobby Wills and Wes Mack at venues including The Opera House, Casino Rama, and various outdoor festivals.

Recently releasing a somewhat spiteful yet needed tune entitled "Momma's Boy," listeners can catch a more serious Sarah Wickett as she expands on a man who continuously runs back to his mother for every minor issue or challenge. As Sarah Wickett offers a highly charismatic and energetic performance, the surrounding sonics bring us a breath of fresh air through their feel-good country instrumentals.

Taking a deeper listen to "Momma's Boy," the song opens with a plucky and warm banjo and Sarah Wickett's bright vocal stylings. As her lively vocals set the song's upbeat tone, Sarah Wickett delves into her incredibly honest and blunt lyrics that touch on someone's attachment to their home life and wanting to run to their mother for each minuscule issue instead of handling it with his partner.

We adore the beaming and brilliant country instrumentals that seep through our speakers with nothing but life and passion, especially as Sarah Wickett expands on the love she holds for someone who doesn't seem to change their ways. As Sarah Wickett makes her way to the last hook, she offers this vibrant vocal flair that's equally as exciting as the entire track itself.

Get your dose of honesty from Sarah Wickett's latest single, "Momma's Boy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Sarah. What an excellent and thorough single you've released with "Momma's Boy." What inspired your blunt and honest lyrical content within this piece?

Thank you so much! The inspiration behind the song came from my experience being in a relationship with someone who was a “Momma’s Boy.” The lyrics talk about cultural differences and how hard it is being in a relationship with someone whose family has a lot of expectations... I think that can be really hard on a relationship and no matter what your background is, I think a lot of people have probably been in a similar situation.

What was it like working with co-writers Vipneet Kaur, Mark Schroor, and Erik Fintelman for "Momma's Boy?” How did they help bring your thoughts and feelings to life?

Working with all 3 of these talented people is always a pleasure. Vipneet and I met through my ex-boyfriend, but we built a genuine friendship and so we have continued to stay in touch to work on creative projects together. “Momma’s Boy” would not exist without her. She helped me write and sing the Punjabi parts of the song. It’s really hard to sing in another language, so I was very grateful to have her there with me when I was recording to make sure my pronunciation was correct. Mark and Erik are always great and extremely supportive. The song actually didn’t even start out as “Momma’s Boy.” It was going to be called “Switch It Up” but Mark and Erik thought “Momma’s Boy” could be a really cool title. So, we basically completely transformed the original song to reflect a troubled relationship due to cultural differences and family interference.

Is this your first time working with producers Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman for "Momma's Boy?" What was your collaborative experience like with them?

Mark, Erik, and I have been working together since December of 2019. They’ve produced all my songs from 2020 and onward. Honestly, when you find good producers…. You hold on to them for dear life. Working with them has been the greatest decision for my career. They are such genuine guys and are always down with anything. When I asked them if they thought we could mash up Country and Punjabi, they barely blinked an eye. I love that I can really trust them to help me make the music I’ve always wanted to make.

What did you want your audience to take for themselves from your single "Momma's Boy?" What feelings or thoughts did you want to trigger in the listener?

Although I’m not Punjabi I hope by collaborating and working beside desi artists, will help open a door for them in country music and allow more collaborations between the two genres to happen. I think their music is so great and a lot of the topics they cover in Punjabi music are really similar to ones we cover in country music.. like farming, trucks, and small towns so I think it could be a really cool thing. I think inclusivity is so important for everyone. So I’m just continuing to be genuine and intentional with what I’m doing and I hope it resonates with people.

What's next for you?

I’m really excited to focus on “Momma’s Boy” for the rest of the year. We have some big plans for it and I hope those come to fruition. I’m dying to get back into the studio to record some more songs and finish up my EP, which is set to release next spring! I’m also hoping to book some live shows in the fall as well. So, fingers crossed that happens.