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Sari Jordan Goes Straight to the Heart on New EP Sing to the Moon”

It’s hard to let go sometimes, even if we know we should.

With their honest, heart-grabbing lyricism and gorgeous, instantly recognizable gossamer vocals, Sari Jordan exploded onto the music scene and immediately took breaths away. Floating over tender instrumental performances like leaves gentling blowing in the wind,

Jordan’s performances often cut straight through to your heart, evoking solid levels of emotions and building a deeper connection with her listeners. As this talented artist continues to shine brighter and brighter, their potential seems as limitless as the endless night sky.

Born in New Jersey before ultimately spending their days and nights in New Orleans, Jordan’s musical influences are rich and varied. These diverse influences have been reflected in her musical approach, as although she has a signature sound, she’s managed to cultivate it while preventing artistic stagnation. This delicate balance has allowed Jordan to continue to perfect her sound while branching out and expanding her creative repertoire. Her releases excite and captivate but do not constantly follow the same formula, making each release feel like a tiny musical world.

“Sing To The Moon” feels like an intimate love letter from Jordan in many ways. Led by a gentle piano and drums, the quaint instrumental performance is light on the ears and easily enjoyable. Jordan tenderly sings lines like “I don’t know what it means to mend / And I know I won’t hear from you soon / But ‘til then / I’ll tie up my ends,” even the coldest of hearts can’t help but thaw a little. Once again, Jordan’s raw honesty and vulnerability are on full display here, but they leave their hearts bare. It’s a beautiful release proving that Jordan is just hitting her stride.

Sari Jordan’s latest release, “Sing To The Moon,” is a tender, touching release that will melt even the toughest of hearts. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Sari Jordan’s new release, “Sing To The Moon,” out now on all majour streaming platforms.

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