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Sasha Prendes Isn’t Holding Back from Reaching Her Destiny

Sasha Prendes is making a huge name for herself. She’s a Cuban-American singer/songwriter & a first-generation American. She was raised by her immigrant parents in Kansas and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Sasha Prendes knew she was a star from a young age. She began writing and creating her own music by the age of eight and has written over 200 songs in both English and Spanish. Sasha’s songs are inspired by personal experience of love, loss, tragedy, and joy. There’s something for someone to relate to when listening to the messages behind most of her music.

Sasha Prendes' musical influences are at a vast range of multiple artists. Some of these artists include Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Drake, Billie Holiday, JLO, Celia Cruz, Rascal Flatts, and more! Sasha Prendes released two songs this year titled “Paris” and “Stay”. Sasha Prendes has a delightful voice and a positive aura that exudes through the music she releases. Her vibe is undeniably contagious and the quality of her music is highly attractive. Sasha Prendes is a rising star who has all the right skills and tools to be the next big thing in the music industry. We definitely have our eyes out on what’s to come from this promising superstar.

Listen to Sasha Prendes' music here.

Welcome to back BuzzMusic Sasha Prendes! In what ways have your upbringing and background influenced your style of music?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you so much for having me back! I have two big songs coming out and I am so grateful to be discussing them with you again! Let's get to it- My family is from Cuba! I grew up listening to classic Spanish music of all genres. We had huge parties at our house for years growing up and my family is very loud lol. I love rhythm and movement. I love sad emotional ballads (which the Spanish do oh so well!), and I love fun happy music too. When we moved to Kansas, my dad got into country music and Toby Kieth was his go-to CD! The song "I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I..." by Toby Kieth inspired some emotion in my new song Paris and I didn't realize it until after we finished the recording. Thanks, dad and Toby! My music is a melting pot of genres from a production standpoint- yet each song is a story of my life, true experiences, all written by me.

Let’s talk about your music. What’s the major difference between the singles “Paris” & “Stay” from your artist’s point of view?

"Paris" and "Stay" are about the same person. Different situations and very different emotions. In "Paris" I have confidence in myself that permeates throughout the song lyrically, the Latin beat adds movement, the accordion sounds for French flavor, and ultimately I was talking sh*t. I felt betrayed. In "Stay" I am lonely, sad, yearning, and despite the issues I had with him, none of them were so bad that I wouldn't want to take him back. For a long time, I thought this man was my soulmate. In "Stay" I feel like I just laid it all out on the table. Screaming I don't care if we ever date again, I just need to hear it from you that I am still your greatest love. Upon hearing those words, I believed I would be satisfied. Two very different emotions, one is more situational, the other spans over a long period of hurting

What were some of the challenges you encountered that were unique to both “Paris” and “Stay”? In what ways were you able to overcome the obstacles?

As an artist when do we not face obstacles? hahaha. "Paris" has been in the making for over a year and a half. We mixed it several times, added more percussion, added new stronger vocals since working with my vocal coach. It was a lot to get Paris done and I am so happy with the end result!! Stay happened in a flash. I wrote it in one key- worked with my coach and said let's try a key I have no songs in- G minor. I changed the whole melody and BOOM we have Stay. A producer named Rohan Solomon (who is lovely by the way) reached out to me on Instagram and wanted to work- I sent him a video of me singing the song and he loved it. The whole song was completed in 3 studio days and 3 instruments including piano, violin, cello, and of course my lead vocal. When dealing with obstacles I turn to my audiobooks, meditation, and ultimately trusting the universe. I try to be as calm as possible when dealing with unprofessional people, missed deadlines, and unnecessary drama. I have my manager to thank for that- she put me on to all types of coping mechanisms when dealing with people who try to screw us over. Having a team is so important and being able to trust your circle is everything. If you don't trust your team- get a new team

Were there any specific arrangements in “Paris” you were seeking? Mind detailing to us?

hahaha I love this song! So, I wrote "Paris" in my Brooklyn apartment after seeing a post on Instagram of my ex with his new girl & parents in Paris, France. I was so frustrated with him as he had woken me up at 5 am on a Saturday morning (New Year's Eve, 2017) to tell me how much he missed me, how the holidays remind him of our time together, and blah blah blah. All while having his new girlfriend next to him. I did not take that so lightly. My response to him was "Wow, really? PARIS? Y'all had to go to Paris?" He then gave me some excuses but did say he thought about me everywhere he went while in Paris. So I took my frustrations and wrote this song. He definitely inspired the chorus where I sing "I betcha thought about me". During our trip to Paris, we decided we were going to be together and give our relationship a real shot while sitting at a restaurant called Pink near the Trocadero. I mean, y'all I was crying. It was an emotional day. So when I saw this- I immediately went to my keyboard and started singing. It really hurt my feelings however, I took a more pissed off tone in the song as I was done being sad over this dude. I was mad! I wanted revenge. So here goes- Paris will be released on Friday the 13th of December x

What inspired the lyrics in “Stay”? How were you able to personally relate to the song?

I wrote "Stay" on my living room floor at 1 am while playing a few chords on my keyboard. I was in a dark place feeling haunted by a past love. The lyrics start out explaining how I tell everyone "I'm fine" when in fact, I was not fine at all. Comparing love and war, I use the metaphor of the "white flag" to explain that I am done fighting for this love that he is not fighting for anymore. But even though I say I am finished, I question why I still lose it when his name comes up, or why does he still haunt my dreams, and why I so desperately want to hear from him. The chorus is me asking for acknowledgment. I will be satisfied with knowing that I am still the person you love and the person you want to stay. Even if that's all it is- acknowledgment. I have been lovesick over this man for many years now and I finally feel some closure after performing this song. In the second chorus, I talk about how losing someone can trigger PTSD-like symptoms. For me, it's certain films, shows, and songs. I have to change the song or turn off the TV or leave the room as I cannot handle the thoughts and feelings that take over me when I see these certain triggers. I added lines in Spanish because it was just how I was feeling. I can go from English to Spanish in the same sentence and I wanted to show that in my music. Being bilingual, it's natural to say things in different languages to accurately communicate the feeling. This is my most heart-wrenching song to date. I have written hundreds of songs and this is my most recent one which I felt should be the first single of 2020. My body said to record it, my gut said to drop it on January 13th. & Yes, that date is specific.

What’s next for you in 2020, Sasha Prendes?

I am so HYPED for 2020 as I have my new YouTube vlog series coming out! I edit all my own episodes so it's been a massive project. I am so excited to share my hard work and experiences with my fans. I have new music and collaborations coming out in 2020. There is a lot happening, I am so grateful for my team and the opportunity to create every single day. Thank you!


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