Sasha Prendes Shows Her Love In “Brooklyn”

Flawlessly melding pop, R&B hip-hop, jazz, and rock, Sasha Prendes is a gifted singer/songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Her songs are based on real-life experiences, making her releases both introspective, yet admirably relatable. Sasha’s inspirations range from Taylor Swift & drake to Sara Bareilles & Joni Mitchell. The Cuban-American artist has written over 200 songs in both English and Spanish and is currently working towards releasing her debut album, stay tuned! 

Sasha Prendes latest release titled “Brooklyn” is a captivating tribute to the artist’s city and the love she found there. With a spectacular music video to match, the visuals show off Sasha’s energetic style and infectious charisma while staying true to the sentiments of the theme o the track.

Brooklyn” feels like a contemporary love song, with a metaphorical deeper meaning. It holds the listener's interest all the way through to the conclusion, showcasing Sasha Prendes’ versatility, vocal ability, and emotive lyricism. The music video highlights the beauty of Brooklyn, the love that Sasha has for her city is evident throughout and we can’t get enough of her performance ability, both on and off the stage. “Brooklyn” is absolutely worth a listen, and don’t miss out on the new music video! 

Listen to “Brooklyn” here and read more with Sasha Prendes below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sasha! We're so excited about your new single "Brooklyn"! Tell us more about the creation of the song!

Hi, thank you so much for having me! I am so grateful and excited to be releasing new music and visuals! It's been a lot of fun. I wrote this song after my first time exploring Brooklyn. I had been introduced to someone from the neighborhood who had such a "Brooklyn" way about him- I immediately went home and wrote a song about my experience. Brooklyn is a beautiful and multicultural community founded on hard-working people who immigrated over to America in search for a better life. I love the high energy as well as the small-town vibes within each neighborhood. I wrote the song acoustic originally and then turned it into a more pop/hip-hop type record. It's a positive, fun-loving, romantic song that I wrote about an amazing place that I now call home!

We found "Brooklyn" to be incredibly pure and honest. As listeners, we feel connected to you and your story in the song. Is it hard for you to expose your honest and true side to your listeners through your music? 

All of my music is from the heart. I have truly put my emotions and inner feelings out there through my music and I believe people appreciate that. The honesty that comes through my lyrics give me a sense of liberation, relief, and community because I know other people experience similar things in life and can relate heavily to my music. I sing about love, relationships, hard times, addictions, independence, equality, and try to capture moments and freeze them in time through song. Being myself is the only thing I know how to be and I am grateful to have music as an outlet for self expression. 

We love the air of authenticity you bring to your music. How do you feel you come off to the majority of your listeners, as an artist?

Thank you, I like to keep it real. I feel my listeners get into the story with me. Each song I am telling a story and painting a picture with my lyrics. I think it's fun to put myself in other songs especially if the story resonates with a personal experience of my own. I think the power is in the words. If the story is real- your listeners will know and will feel it too.

Do you feel like you face any predominant challenges in the music scene? What kind of challenges have you faced that have ultimately shaped you as an artist today?

I have an incredible team of hardworking people in my corner who mentor, work with me, challenge me, inspire me, and look out for me. I have been taken advantage of in a plethora of ways since being in the music industry however, I am grateful for those experiences for making me smarter, stronger, and ultimately recognize deception from far away. I have learned to trust my instincts and if it doesn't feel right, it most likely isn't right. 

Thanks for chatting with us! How has performing been lately? Are you planning on playing more shows in the near future?

Of course!! Thank you! I have been doing shows all this year and I am loving it!! I have a new band as well who is amazing and I am so grateful they have entered my life! I have many shows in the near future especially throughout the holidays. You can keep up with all my live performances and upcoming tour dates on my instagram @sashaprendes as well as my website I appreciate you having me, Thank you xx


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