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Saugasson Never Fails To Impress With His New Hit "Never Fail"

Saugasson is a young and upcoming hip-hop artist from Mississauga, Ontario. His musical endeavors consist of singing, rapping, songwriting, and producing. A complete act, Saugasson strives to be more than just successful in music, but also to be known as a multi-talented artist who cares about his craft, in continuous evolution. He is influenced by many artists, including but not limited to, Xxxtentacion, Drake, PartyNextDoor, Croosh and many more. Saugasson is constantly evolving as an artist and the more he releases, the more he grows.

Saugasson released his single titled “Never Fail” which begins with a melodic introduction. Showing signs of acoustics floating in the background of the beat. “Never Fail, Im gon make it” is the opening lyrics to the song and feels as if we’re receiving the hook early! As soon as the beat drops and the bass transitions in, this song transforms into a whole new dimension. Instead of being a simple melodic, and lyrical mastery as I was expecting, the record shows elements of trap with a slapping bass. I instantly began thinking about how this song would sound in my car speakers due to how hitting the beat was. The flow and delivery was smoothly connected in a legato way with no signs of error. Saugasson aspires to inspire, and in his song “Never Fail” he presents motivation to his listener to keep going at whatever they believe and dream of. “Never Fail” was a nice, clean-slated tune that shows elements of classic hip-hop while keeping the flare of the current generation fresh. The energy was just right and got us hyped! We’re excited to see what Saugasson delivers us next.

Listen to "Never Fail" here and get to know more about Saugasson below!

“Never Fail” seems to have a strong lyrical context behind it. What was the meaning behind the lyrics?

The meaning behind the lyrics are to strongly state that “i will never fail” because “I’m gunna make it” i believe this is something everyone should tell themselves as they strive for success. Also, that my main focus in life is my family music and money, which is pretty relatable to most people.

What motivated you to write this record?

I was motivated to write this record because ‘NF’ is my brand, and what i stand for. I decided that years ago so this is like my theme song.

In what ways do you relate to “Never Fail” ?

I relate to Never Fail because after being told I’d never succeed and that I’m destined to fail I’ve been constantly proving these people wrong and i will Never Fail period its just not in the stars.

Tell us about this album you’re working on! Any challenges you’ve encountered so far?

This album I’m working on which is the 1st of 2 will be to cover a previous relationship of mine which is probably the most impactful one i was in, unfortunately for the worst.

What could we expect from the album and Saugasson next!?

What you can expect from the album is a lot of mixed emotions for this person and unorthodox beats with sentimental lyrics. However, what you can expect from me is more content this year and more visuals. I will make a difference

in my career this year.


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