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Saugasson Solidifies his Place in the Genre of Hip-hop With "Can I Live"

Saugasson is a young, upcoming artist from Mississauga, Ontario. His musical endeavors consist of singing, rapping, and songwriting while he strives to be more than just successful in music, but also to be known as a multi-talented artist who cares about his craft, with continuous evolution.

Influenced by many artists, including but not limited to, Xxxtentacion, Danii’X, PartyNextDoor, Croosh, Majin Maalik, Saugasson continues to release melodic creations as he shows growth and passion for both the music itself and the stories he shares with his fan base.

Oozing confidence in his most recent drop with, “Can I Live,” Saugasson can be heard dissecting intricate verses that jump on board brilliant one-liners. With bass-forward instrumentation that simmers in the realm of heavy-hitting, Saugasson uses the beat as a musical canvas in which he illustrates vivid imagery repeatedly asking, “Can I Live? "

Focusing on the lyrical punches that burst from anything you would even consider mainstream, Saugasson has his own lane in which he primarily flows. Offering his artistic grit to anyone willing to listen, he coaxes’ listeners into the universe that he graciously displays in the lyrical tales he depicts. Fighting for his freedom and asserting his dominance in a solidified ranking in the genre of Hip-hop, Saugasson effortlessly weaves in and out of cadences as he gets his point across.

Tapping into the prevailing tenors that stem directly from his forward quintessence, Saugasson provides his audience with something unique to feast upon. Always one to stand apart from the crowd, there is no denying that talents that lay before us with Saugasson. “Can I Live,” has his energy amplified in a major way. We encourage you to listen and absorb all of the hype vibration transmitted through the soundwaves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Saugasson, and congratulations on the release of, “Can I Live.” In your own words, what does this song mean to you as an individual and the creator?

This song was a way for me to vent out some frustrations I was going through at the time and built up frustration as well. Sometimes things can get so hectic in life and people can be so negative to the point you just want to yell “Can I Live”! As a creator I’m very happy with this song, I got a lot of bars that might go over your head and I’ve received interesting feedback about this song too. What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the inimitable swagger that pours out of this track?

Thank you lol I’ve never had my music described like that before. I’m hoping my listeners get amped listening to this and really take in what I’m saying. Could you please share what the recording session looked like when you brought “Can I Live” to life?

The recording session was very high in energy, I actually recorded another song as well that day that had some elements of screamo in it so you can just imagine how loud the overall session was. Shout out to Stokes for that one. How does the launch of this single hold up to other tracks of yours that have been previously released?

The launch of this single is backed with an actual rollout plan and marketing leading up to my big release this year.

What's next for you?

After this single & video, I’ll be dropping another one on my birthday in May and then SOS finally drops later this year with some dope features with other independent artists and possibly a surprise feature as well.



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