Savior Shows Us His Roots Through Melody in “Without You”

Today Buzz Music anticipates Savior, who is debuting a new archetype “Without You”. This single means a lot to the artist as it resonates equally well with us. Savior created a song based on reflections and what makes inner peace. The arrangement of the piece takes Savior back to his home in Atlanta, giving us a cool insight into the vibe he represents. The pounding melodies and drums keep that R&B trap aesthetic alive. This song resonates with your soul and moves you with the music. It’s interesting listening to an artist’s style flow through their music and that’s the exact feel we received from “Without You”.

“Without You” gave us this lighthearted grit that’s a product of Savior’s ATL background. Each corner of this song you get smacked across the face with this powerful melody that lifts you up and carries you throughout the entire track. Savior knows exactly how to keep his listener intuned with his music. His infectious melodies are nothing but a small portion of what you can find in this elemental track filled with various different adaptations that you can fall immensely in love with. The new edition to the new wave, We believe Savior is here to make a mark for his hometown Atlanta. You can listen to this soothing record “Without You” by Savior here.


Hey Savior! Welcome to BuzzMusic, We’re happy to have you on our platform. Can you talk to us about your upbringing in Atlanta?

Growing up in Atlanta it was like everyone around me wanted to be a star. Also, it seems like  everyone was related to a rapper. You hear shit like I know young Nudy!! I know Playboy Carti!! Migos are my cousins! If you live in Atlanta, on Sunday morning it’s either smoke a blunt or go to church. I have always looked up to Outkast, J Cole, Michael Jackson and Miguel they are my inspirations. But the person I want to have a career similar to is Donald Glover 

How was it growing up there and in what ways has this environment inspired you?

What has been the most challenging aspect in creating this single “Without You” and how were you able to overcome these obstacles?

The hardest thing that I had to do was finding the money to pay for it all. I overcome these challenges by working overnight stock in Kroger.

Let’s talk more about your track “Without You”. What was the inspiration behind the melodic and sentimental lyrics? In what ways were you able to relate to this song?

Well, when I heard a beat it reminded me of the cuffing season. And around that time basketball starts kicking up so I knew that this song had to come out. I never made the basketball team in high school so around this time girls only wanted the baller. I was always without both so that's how I created the first line. 

Can you tell us about the arrangement you were going for when making this single?

Yeah, when I made this song  The beat reminded me of 21 Savage so I knew I had to go hard. But as I Ran Thur the lyrics it gave me vision to make it like trap soul Free 6lack arrangement. On top of that, I was in the middle of fallout in a relationship so it gave me a drive to make this track

How do you plan on spending the holidays this year Savior?

This Christmas I plan on collaborating, putting out more music and growing Blum Entertainment even more so.