Savor the Sonic Daydream that is Maia's Latest Single, "Undress"

From Memphis, Tennessee, the rising r&b sensation, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Maia recently released her sultry and velvet-smooth single entitled "Undress."

Known as the city's hidden gem, Maia is often characterized as being the most electric introvert one will ever meet. A true hopeless romantic, Maia went on to graduate from Middle TN State Univesity studying Commercial Songwriting, which helped kickstart her career's takeoff in 2019.

Recently teaming with r&b singer-songwriter Andriana for their heartfelt release, "Undress," Maia and Andriana offer the utmost passion and love as they serenade us with their serene vocal stylings overtop of a smooth r&b atmosphere. Not to mention their cohesive and complementary vocals, both artists share their natural talent as they pour their calming performances over our ears.

Hitting play on "Undress," we're met with a plucky electric guitar and angelic vocal harmonies that drop into a melodic keyboard melody and Maia's bright vocal appearance. As she begins to delve into her heartfelt and sensual lyrical theme, her beautiful harmonies take us by surprise as they flow into the groovy and sultry hook.

While Maia and Andriana team up to serenade us on the hook, the song's downtempo drum breaks and thumping bassline continue to back up the vocalists as they wear their hearts on their sleeves. We adore Andriana's shimmering vocal stylings that sweeten the song's atmosphere alongside Maia's lead vocal, as both artists bring incredible talent and charisma to swoon any listener who graces this delicate and magnetic piece.

We admire the passion and tranquility you've delivered with your latest si