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Savor the "Sunshine," with Peter Keys' Latest Single

Leaving listeners moving and grooving with his hybrid blend of funk, blues, soul, rock, and jazz, the versatile recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Peter Keys has us basking in the "Sunshine" with his latest single.

Performing on stages for almost four decades, and most recognized as the keys behind Lynyrd Skynyrd, it's safe to say that Peter Keys has carved a unique and distinct path that sets him apart from other contemporary rock artists. Having attended Berklee College of Music for Music Theory and Performance, Peter Keys strives to move mountains with his relatable lyricism and groovy instrumental arrangements.

Recently releasing his feel-good and lighthearted single, "Sunshine," Peter Keys encourages the listener to take a step away from their day-to-day cycles and bask in the sunshine. Through his smooth and groovy instrumentation, listeners are bound to feel refreshed after taking one simple listen.

Diving into "Sunshine," the tune opens with a groovy bassline, bright electric guitars, and a powerful midtempo drum arrangement. As Peter Keys' raspy and warm vocals make their appearance, he sets the song's energetic and feel-good tone through his lyricism that depicts the experience of life's trials and tribulations while hoping for a brighter day.

We adore Peter Keys' vocal harmonies and catchy melodies, as it perfectly puts this song on a pedestal with its ear-worm tones and overall summer feel. As Peter Keys grooves his way to the outro, the song comes to a close while leaving the listener inspired to take a needed break.

Don't miss out on the invigorating and refreshing experience of Peter Keys' latest summer single, "Sunshine," now available to add to your summer playlist on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, Peter Keys. We love the uplifting and warm feel of your latest single, "Sunshine." What inspired you to create a song that encourages listeners to get outside and enjoy the sunshine?

I was coming out of a particularly dark place after losing my sister to cancer, then the world entering the COVID lockdown, the music industry shutting down completely, and some other personal issues coming to a head. I thought, “what do we all need to get through darkness?” Looking for a universal truth/answer, "Sunshine" seemed to be the most obvious choice.. it brings life, exposes the stuff hidden in the shadows, washes away the pain, and illuminates the heart. I was really writing for myself looking for some relief.

How did you form your instrumental arrangements to be so uplifting and bright? What was your creative process like when arranging your instrumentals for "Sunshine?"

The arrangement came to me pretty easily. I started playing the intro riff on this vintage Hohner Pianet combo I had recently picked up.. it had such an awesome retro sound to it.. much like the Stones or Faces from the late 70s.. so I just kind of followed that vibe and programmed the drums and bass to fit. The intro and verse felt awesome, nice and dark and moody, but it really needed a lift for the chorus, so I wrote the change off the major chord to make it uplifting and bright. I added the B3 to kind of counter the Pianet, and guitar to help drive the energy a bit more. Tambourine, shaker, and congas to make it bounce, then live drums to open it up and really make it pop, and of course the vocals and background vox.

What do you hope the listener takes away from the overall listening experience within "Sunshine?"

I hope the listener will experience a journey from the inside out with this song.. it begins with an introspective thought and progresses toward a universal understanding. I hope they will find that peace of mind that brings comfort no matter what they’re going through. The sun is always shining above the clouds.. we’re just in their shadow sometimes.

Did you work with any fellow musicians when creating the instrumentals for "Sunshine?" Did you have any producers hop on board to help finalize the track?

I did all the production, mixing, and arranging on this track myself, but did call in my good friend Dave Shul from San Francisco to play guitar. We have been musical friends for decades, and I knew he’d kill it on this one. You may know him from The band Spearhead. Also had another friend Tim Haney put the live drums on. He and I were in a band called SeepeopleS for several years and thought he’d also be a perfect fit for this track. Finally, my good friend Pino Squillace from the Muzik Mafia here in Nashville laid down the percussion. All of these guys did an incredible job, and did it remotely! I just sent them the track and they cut their parts at home, sent it back to me and I edited and mixed it. I call it ‘cyber tracking’ you gotta love technology!

What's next for you?

What’s next for me? Hmmm.. well I’m back on the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd for the summer and fall, but I’ll be releasing more of my music every couple of months. I’m also working on a couple of indie films right now, writing theme songs, and collaborating with a couple of different writers and music supervisors. I have several songs on deck and ready to drop, but I’m trying to be patient and let them get some traction before I release the next one. Stay tuned!


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