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Say "Hey," to Lucas Lou and His Passionate Debut Single

The Germany-based singer-songwriter, musician, and pop-rock artist Lucas Lou pride himself in honest songwriting, which is more than evident in his debut single, "Hey."

Influenced by pop-rock bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Foo Fighters, or singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Ben Rector has led Lucas Lou down a unique artistic path. Promising to promote and support his fellow musical allies, Lucas Lou has also pledged to donate 10% of his earnings to effective charities.

Expressing hope, faith, and love in his music, Lucas Lou's debut single, "Hey," touches on the start of a needed and honest conversation. Also releasing a music video for the single, viewers can catch scenes of a couple handling their struggles through conversation while letting each other know where they're at in a healthy and wholesome way.

Listening to "Hey," the song opens with pulsating synth-like keys and distant pads, leading up to a fresh pop beat drop alongside a plucky acoustic guitar and bright snaps. As Lucas Lou begins vocalizing his need to express his emotions to a lover, he later encourages listeners to speak their truth no matter where they stand.

Reaching the bright and anthemic hook, Lucas Lou pushes through the passionate track alongside his gleaming pop sonics while devoting his love and days to someone more than worth it. We adore the intersection of synthetic and organic instrumentals/sonics, as the song's atmosphere truly brings a refreshing feel for anyone to get down with.

Introduce yourself to the inspirational stylings of Lucas Lou and his debut single, "Hey," available on all streaming platforms, and find the song's conceptual music video on YouTube.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Hey." Why did you want this single to lead the way of your career and introduce new listeners to your sound/style?

Hello. Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate this opportunity to talk about my new song. It’s my debut release and therefore clearly quite special to me. A few years ago I noticed that my taste of music and style of writing changed. My roots are clearly in rock but my own music became more diverse and pop-influenced. Meanwhile, my motives to create art shifted, too, and I decided to purposefully commit to a new sound and way of songwriting. In the following, I wrote 4 songs that perfectly expressed this new sound and message. All of them are meant to inspire hope and encourage love and charity. Soundwise, they’re supposed to find an original middle ground between chilled singer-songwriter and powerful pop-rock music. “Hey” greatly embodies this new “Lucas Lou” and is the first of these 4 songs to be released. The others will follow soon.

What inspired the passionate and needed lyrical message within, "Hey?" What message did you want to convey to your audience through this single?

In times like the ones we’re in at the moment, you may face struggle and failure, we all do. It gets harder to perform and succeed, and sometimes, before we realize it, we start pretending. We start hiding how we really feel. And this is where it gets dangerous. Our relationships are, on one hand, more important than ever, but, on the other hand, they can also become more and more difficult. The song, however, encourages you to talk about where you’re at. “Hey” represents the start of an honest conversation. The song is full of hope and encouragement to chase truth and love and tackle your struggles through honest conversations with the ones you love.

Did you work with any producers, musicians, or engineers when crafting the sonics/instrumentals for your single, "Hey?” What was the song's behind-the-scenes process like?

“Hey” and the entire EP it’s a part of our 100% DIY. Written, composed, envisioned, and arranged by myself; And then brought to life with my good friend and the phenomenal producer “Dario Große”. The two of us spend countless days and weekends in a basement trying to realize the initial sound vision. During the entire production process, we basically reworked every part of every song multiple times. Big shout-out to Dario, who managed to stay patient and passionate about every little detail until the end. He was absolutely great in tickling out my best vocal performances and carving out the character hidden in the tracks. I also wanna highlight Jonas Rockhoff who recorded some of the electric guitar parts. I’m absolutely blessed with good and talented friends. (Thank you guys).

Now that you've firmly planted your feet in the music industry, can you tell our readers more about what your stand for as an artist and how your art reflects who you are?

My art is driven by a pure passion for music and deep faith in goodness and virtue. The songs' purpose is to stir up hope, inspire faith and encourage love. Thanks to my Dad’s love for music, I virtually entered life with a guitar in my hands and started writing songs as a young child but only later my music became meaningful art that reflects my belief in good things worth seeking: hope, faith, love, and music. Promoting and supporting good values, good people, and good projects and simply encouraging hope is what fundamentally motivates me to pursue a career in music.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

As mentioned, “Hey” is only the first part of a 4 song EP that has been written and produced as one project. The second single and the entire EP will follow soon. Currently, I’m also working on entirely new songs and the first one is already in production. So, get ready for more



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