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Say Kids Make Their Return with a Groovy Single, "Honeydew"

The Nashville-based genre-blending quartet Say Kids makes their great return with a conceptual and highly anticipated single entitled "Honeydew."

Formed in 2018 by frontman Peyton Smith and guitarist William Cheatham, Say Kids later expanded with help from bassist Oliver Finch and drummer Matt Gay. Say Kids quickly became a sought-after band around Nashville's live music scene through their funk-infused rock sound and high-energy performances.

Back and better than ever with their latest single, "Honeydew," the track brings listeners into a groovy and lively atmosphere while Say Kids also touch on meaningful and relatable lyricism. "I wanted to capture the fear one gets when you don't hear from someone you care about; to signify the ignorance we sometimes choose to blissfully live in despite the intensity or danger of the moment/circumstance," says frontman Peyton Smith.

Listening to "Honeydew," the venture begins with an incredibly groovy and funky ode to rock music through William Cheatham's fluid electric guitar, Oliver Finch's thumping bass licks, and Matt Gay's rhythmic drum patterns. As frontman Peyton Smith makes his way in, we can't help but hear vocal and sonic similarities to that of Maroon 5, as Say Kids drench our speakers in incredibly melodic and infectious tones and rhythm.

Reaching the punchy hook, Say Kids soak our speakers in brightly layered vocal harmonies and their crisp instrumentation that gets us up and grooving. While Smith touches on the heavy feeling of paranoia when not hearing back from someone special, he leads us towards the outro alongside the entire band's scorching hot instrumentals without a dull moment.

Feed your soul with some "Honeydew" through Say Kids' recent single, available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Say Kids. We're thoroughly impressed with the groove and rhythm you've placed into your recent single, "Honeydew." Why did you choose to release this song as your great comeback?

We ultimately chose this song to be the first released because it sends the message that we are back and ready to rock. Going a year without playing a show or releasing a single song was hard for us. We wanted to give this song first to our fans because it say’s. “Don’t worry…you’ll be hearing much more from us shortly.”

What inspired the relatable lyrical content within your single, "Honeydew?” Was this song inspired by not hearing from someone during the course of the pandemic?

“Honeydew” was inspired by the fear one gets when not hearing from someone, or anyone for that matter. It is unsettling at times being in such an amazing music scene. This was our way of cutting through all the noise and breaking ground with a song we see as a subtle heavy hitter.

How did your band execute your creative process for "Honeydew?” What was the studio scene like when arranging and formulating your instrumentation?

We always rehearse a song until we are in the minutia. It is a collaborative effort to take these songs and push them to the limit. This is what makes us so dangerous when we walk into the studio. We know exactly what we want and go in there to do the absolute best we can. We record everything live-to-track with our great friend and producer, Adam Lochemes. He brings us to the edge of our ideas and allows us to take them off the riff. Experimentation is the fun part because you have to be open to what sounds and ultimately feels good.

Seeing that "Honeydew" is your first release in over a year, does the single mark any growth within your sound? Has your band undergone a few changes or shifts during the pandemic?

It absolutely marks a growth point. We made it to the other side of the Pandemic, and we are ready to go. We missed out on what would have been our first tour, but we stuck together. Over a year of prolonged silence is over. We have an album in the back pocket, and much more in store for our fans.


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