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SayFlex Drops Confident Track "Flexing"

Coming onto the music industry as a triple threat, SayFlex rises from Long Island and brings his own style and uniqueness to his music. Some of Flex’s hit singles include “slow down” (2016) and “automatic” (2017). These two singles really garnered attention to go onto Flex. Although it is great to be working with the industry’s top elites, Flex tends to focus on pushing himself outside of his comfort zone and personal growth. Continuing, this Flex hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and he always hopes to make way to bringing back emerging talent from New York.

SayFlex has a fitting track called “Flexing” which has a sick beat and screams soundcloud rap at its finest. Catering to a more darker hip hop sound, Flex shows his smooth flow and witty lyrics. The hi hats and beat really push the song forward. The lyrical complexity is similar to that of Drake while still staying true to Flex’s own unique artistry. Another artist that comes into mind when hearing Flex’s heavy vibe is 21 Savage. There is definitely some shared vibes in this one which gives it a familiar yet interesting sound. Flex brings an edgy and raw sound that is sure to revive the creative artists on the east coast and can possibly bring back some good rap music. Flex is an artist that you should keep an eye on because his talents will definitely take him places. Be sure to keep updated on Flex's social media for his new music video that will be dropping next month!

Check out "Flexing" and scroll down for more content with the artist.

Who is your favorite musical artist and why?

It’s hard to say since I’m inspired by so many great artist, but I’d say Kanye west and drake definitely would be the front runners for my favorite musical artists. I think they definitely transcended boundaries that were in place in hip hop culture and continue to push the envelope and evolve sound and the culture. I look at Kanye's history, this guy produced hits not only for himself but for a list of other very successful artist and has been doing it 20+ years I thinks that really outstanding. Because in industry that changes so rapidly it’s hard to stay relevant and perform at such a high level. Likewise for Drake coming out at a time where rnb/and hip hop just started coming together, and blending rap/singing as a solo artist wasn’t something that popular, but drake stayed true to himself and continued to perfect his craft and definitely shifted the culture and paved the way for many guys to sing and rap including myself.

What is your favorite lyric in “Flexing”?

I think my favorite lyric in flexing would be the intro “ouuuu ouuu ouuu ouuu ouuuu” I think that part has a a lot of feeling to it. Especially in context of the song, you ever get ready to go out somewhere, you dress up and you're feeling yourself and you just like ouuuu. That’s where I got the inspiration to start the song off like “ouuu ouuu ouuu ouuu ouuu”

If people could take one thing away from your music, what would you want them to know?

I’d want them to know that I’m 100% transparent in my music. I like to tell stories whether it’s real life situations I’ve been through, or if it’s a feeling or a dream or something that I want to obtain, I say it in my music. I try my best to translate my emotions and my life experiences in music. I think that’s the way to relate to people. My favorite songs are my favorite songs because they induce an emotion or a feeling that feels good, or something that I can relate to and be like I went through same thing and I connect with the song/artist.

What are your goals as an artist?

My goal as an artist is to connect to people. I think humans as a race are more similar than we are different. We all experienced emotions like happiness, sadness, love, anger, confusion. A lot of times for me music helps me get through certain situation because it makes me feel as if I’m not alone, as if there’s another person that was in my exact position at one point in their career/life. And the music kind of guides me through, and I would

Love for my music to have to same impact on others.

What helps you get over a creative block?

Creative blocks are really difficult as an artist. At times it almost feels as if you lost your creativity and your just stuck in this space where you want to grow and evolve however you have no direction or motivation or guidance on what to do. For me personally what helps me get over these blocks is to take a step back from creating and and just live life. Like I said earlier a lot of my music is fueled by my life experiences and emotions, and I feel like when your constantly creating you aren’t really living life and you kind of burn out. So just live life for a little maybe a couple weeks maybe a month, however long it takes you to get back to that place where you feel inspired to take risk and create something new and fresh that feels good.


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