Schmarx & Savvy Turn Heads With New Single “Somebody Real”

Based in Los Angeles, California is the songwriting/production team of Schmarx & Savvy. Not only is this duo expert at playing on words, but one of their biggest strengths is their versatility and ability to write across all genres. They have penned music with many artists such as 3LAU, Jordin Sparks, Zeds Dead, Shawn Hook, Goldn, Carly Paige, and Marlhy. Schmarx & Savvy blends a diverse range of styles, pulling flavors from pop, edm, and hip hop to establish their own sound.

“Somebody Real” is a tech house song layered with the authenticity that Schmarx & Savvy bring to the table. The track sheds light on the impossible task of finding “Somebody Real” in a huge city like Los Angeles. Infectious background vocals with a really energetic backing track make this record a go-to in our recent features. Schmarx & Savvy add a pounding beat and bass rumble to carry the track into the breakdown, and allows “Somebody Real” to rebuild the story with the kind of brooding tension that will delight peak time dancefloors. It features a highly infectious groove and expertly mixed rollers, so you can feel every little nuance if played loud enough. It's high-octane stuff, with boundless percussive energy and relentless bass movement. Schmarx & Savvy’s tech house sound is melodic, bouncy and undeniably fun. “Somebody Real” is a diverse club banger that will fire up the party without fail.

Check out “Somebody Real” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hello Schmarx & Savvy! Can you introduce yourselves to our BuzzMusic community?

We are an artist duo and a songwriting/production team here in LA.

How did you meet and begin creating music together?

We met in Nashville about 8 years ago and connected immediately over our love for pop music.

What do you want your listeners to take away from a track like “Somebody Real”? What’s the meaning of the lyricism?

Above all, we want our listeners to catch a vibe and dance. The lyrics are personal to us and our experience of trying to find real connections with people here in Los Angeles. 

What is your dynamic like when you’re performing live?

We DJ, and we have a very fun, "don't take anything too seriously" mentality. We just love to feel the energy from the crowd and be the 

soundtrack to the moment.

Do you have any events or releases you’d like to tell us about? We can’t wait to hear more!

Our latest single "Somebody Real" drops August 9th on all platforms. We co-wrote and produced the following songs coming out in the next few weeks:

Kirsten Arian- "Blurry" out August 16th

Stealing Oceans- "Separate Us" out August 23rd

Dvniel- "Starlight" out Sept. 6th

Corey Pieper- "Rosé" out Sept 13th

Kyle Lionhart- "Are We Alright" on Sept. 20th

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