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Sciarra Will Have You Back For More After Listening To This Hazy Hit!

Sciarra is an alternative electronic-pop artist and songstress who grew up in Anaheim Ca and gives you the ultimate musical eargasm with her single “Back For More”. The dark and haunting aura with a chilling and eerie atmosphere is the perfect song for those who are fan of the unlighted and evocative style of music. “Back For More” begins with an increase in dramatics before she vocally comforts you into the music with her idiosyncratic vocal tone and a depressing melody that’s perfect for the unsettling, yet addicting record. The beat really highlights the pictorial brand of her artistry. With different sound effects, and moments of electronic and pop both being fused into one kick ass beat, it lays as a foundation and base for the entire song. Her voice is one of those poignant sounds that you’re intrigued by, and she leaves you wanting more--you can’t help but want to replay the song again just for that sole factor. Ranging from the melody, to the augmented instrumental, and to her contextual vocal tone, “Back For More” is the perfect emotional convicted song to emphasis any mood you’re currently feeling!

Add a melancholic feel to your Spotify playlist by adding Sciarra's "Back For More".


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