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Scintilla Ups The Stakes With Creative Gold In, "Nothing On This"

Scintilla is a South England based Hip-hop duo that weighs in heavy on the artistic scales. Beginning their career by creating beats for their friends, they only recently decided to take their musical creations to the next level.

Owning their sound, they tip their hats to the likes of production wizard Mike Dean, whilst illuminating and acknowledging their own plethora of inspirations and attitudes from the 21st century.

Showcasing their ability to merge inspirations in the depths of their latest single, “Nothing On This,” this spellbinding duo pulls creativeness from Alternate R&B and Rock, in order to permeate their gothic-like presence with a blurred arrangement of ambiance. Serenading us with the harmonious vocals that peak in during the chorus, we are offered up a fusion of Pop styled cascades that trickle onto an enticing, Electro-Pop atmosphere.

Taking a leap into the musical composition through the verses, we can hear the reverberated resonance that dazzles the emcee like delivery in hard-hitting facts. The manner in which this track flows stands out as a creative blend amongst genres as Scintilla bends the rules to produce a top-quality sound. The ominous dreamscape sways from various tones as the duo covers the mass ground in their tantalizing approach to spread the lyrical motif, “they got nothin’ on this.”

Lurking in between the carefully crafted storytelling that acts as an abstract canvas of work, “Nothing On This,” embodies the type of confidence that translates into complete badass vibrations. In each effect that drips into the record as a whole, we see the creativity unravel a tad bit more. Scintilla has a knack for stirring brilliance into their compelling masterpieces, and we are here for it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Scintilla! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Nothing On This.” Your lyrics truly paint a picture! What does this song mean to the two of you?

(Harry here) Well, I sent a mix of one of my tunes over to Peter, in return he sent me a diss track. It totally got me, it was hilarious, interesting, and sick. We decided to start collaborating and making music that had an element of jest, before exploring heavier textures that align with our Hip Hop and Metal influences. We love music that has that “extra layer” to it. The song reflects on how you can change your life when you stop living in fear, touching on the importance of knowing your worth and not letting others deter you from who you want to be and what you want to do.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process generally looks like for the both of you as a duo? The dynamism flows so effortlessly.

All of our ideas have different stimuli, sometimes it’s a subject that starts the fire, sometimes the beat will come first and the topic later. Peter has his set up at home, he records there and then sends it over to me to work on. We both know how to record and share files, so we haven’t struggled to demo our ideas and collaborate musically.

How have you found yourselves growing as artists from your first release to this present moment?

Honestly, we feel no different from how we did a few months ago when we started, this is our first release, we’re mega excited and we’re a solid team. We’ve certainly learned to adapt to each other's rhythm and language. Every time we start drafting new music or ideas there’s a spark of curiosity and creativity (hence the name Scintilla and flame-infused graphics), we’re constantly learning. This helps us develop musically and is also just a total blast.

Scintilla - “A tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling”

What has been the best piece of advice that you have received through your music career?

As we’re so new to producing and releasing music under this name, it’s hard to say we’ve had much advice yet, but we have had a handful of people saying nice and promising things about our tracks. A few of our mates really encouraged us to think about releasing this particular track, so this was good enough advice! It quickly became reality and now we’re being interviewed, class!

What can we expect to see next from you?

We’ve just released our new music video for our track Nothing On This and we also have a second single on the way. Our Instagram: @scintillauk delivers weekly content and graphics in line with our music, so do stay in touch! <3



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