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Scott Howard Brings Light in His Upcoming E-book, “A LightWorker’s Journey”

Multi-faceted artist Scott Howard is about to release his e-book “A LightWorker's Journey” where he talks about complex changes in life and the role of music in it.

Scott Howard is a solid artist with skills beyond his exceptional songwriting and singing abilities. He is also a director, producer, and author. Scott has been convinced since he was an infant of the power of music to connect people with their emotions. But also, music has specific physical and mental effects through a selection of sounds and frequencies.

By using a frequency of 432 Hz in his music, Scott Howard created a new genre in which he tries to give us a more intimate relationship with our spiritual selves. Not by coincidence, ancient civilizations used this frequency to make music.

In “A LightWorker's Journey,” Scott Howard is using his writing as a catharsis for the indescribable pain of losing his son Maxx and a way to help people confront hard times through the connection of our spirits with music. Further, he talks about how music can reveal that reality is more expansive than we are used to thinking.

If you want to discover more about it, keep an eye on “A LightWorker's Journey.”


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