Scott Howard Reflects on "Harvest Blessings" in Recent Music

Impassioned to share his ideologies and truth, Scott Howard is a music artist that bends the lines of Adult Contemporary/Alt-Rock music.

Understanding the intricacies of sound, as well as the importance behind the tuned frequencies of his sound, Scott Howard is all about focusing on various components of his sound in order to build the most eloquent version of it.

With his harmonious vocal style, combined with his confident approach to delivering his musical truth, Scott Howard never compromises when it comes to the value of his performance, and this remains completely true with his recent release, "Harvest Blessings". 

Scott Howard's "Harvest Blessings" is a song of the true spirit and melodic emotional expressions. Scott Howard finds his purpose within "Harvest Blessings" and sings along the narrative of life, including the multitude of lessons and findings that come as a result of it. The quality of passion packed into Scott Howard's vocals are what make the song reach its full potential--Howard is able to manipulate his vocal tendencies in order to create an almost theatrical-like performance.

"Harvest Blessings" was the perfect opportunity for Scott Howard to show his strength as a performer, and he capitalized on such opportunity immensely. With messages of enlightenment, inspiration, and elevation, Scott Howard strives to drive the spirits of listeners in the best and most genuine ways possible. We're keeping an eye out for further soulful expressions from Scott Howard, as we know the singer/songwriter isn't over with providing quality depth to his listening base. 

Discover "Harvest Blessings" by Scott Howard here