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Scribe Music Reminds Us There Are No Ceilings In, "If You Reach"

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, recording artist Scribe Music shares a breakthrough narrative that aims to tear down industry barriers and restrictions one chapter at a time.

As a musical storyteller with an eclectic sound, Scribe Music is a multifaceted artist who isn’t afraid to fuse together singing with rapping, hard-hitting paired with the soulful, edgy components and even gospel elements to convey his message to his listeners.

Recruiting the talents of Rapzilla in his most recent release, “If You Reach,” Scribe Music exudes an uncompromising force that lays in the depths of his vocalization and carefully crafted lyrics. Delivering a passion-fueled performance, the raw timbres that below from within him cast out vivacious imagery as we hang onto each word shed.

As we dive into the scripture that Scribe Music has proceeded to share with his audience, we can’t help but notice that he places a piece of himself on a silver platter as he reels us into the contents of his work.

As we learn about the vulnerable sector that Scribe Music has tapped into, we quickly realize that his mission is to share the wealth of his knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. “If you reach, Ima teach,“ is implemented in the more than memorable hook of the track. Following through on his words and immersing us in his beliefs, we learn a lot about Scribe Music as a creative.

“If You Reach,” carries forth all of the trademarks in a hit that not only has mass appeal, but that has a meaningful theme and message to boast. Dripping the true essence of everything that Scribe Music stands for, we find it more than refreshing to see him live out the authenticity in each move he makes.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Scribe! Congratulations on the release of, “If You Reach.” Could you please take us into what it was like working with Rapzilla to execute the overall effect of “If You Reach?"

Working with Rapzilla has always been an honor. Partnering with their platform has always given me an extra edge in getting my music out for people to hear. I've learned the value of collaboration in different facets of this industry so it's simple really. You wanna go fast, go alone, you wanna go far, run together.

What moment or story inspired the message behind this song?

Honestly... the giant moment that was 2020 inspired it lol. Between lockdowns, quarantines, regulations face masks, it's been a hard year in many ways. I started to recognize the value of really taking care of yourself. I believe we are made up of 3-parts, Mind, Body, and Soul. With that understanding comes a responsibility to take care of all three. On another note, living in the Vancouver area means that during our winter season it's raining a lot, dark and grey skies. It's crazy what a lack of sun can do for you in various ways. I just wanted to make a feel-good track, teaching people about some practical ways to take care of themselves.

How have you found yourself to develop as an artist in 2020?

Sheesh! I've come to recognize the value of sharing my story. It's easy sometimes to just focus on trying to make a "hit" but when I look back on some of the biggest songs to ever come out of Hip-Hop, it's the ones that tell a story that some can relate to. So 2020 has been a very introspective year for me, it's given me time to reflect and analyze who I am, and what I'm about for my family, myself, and those I'm called to. Honestly, without 2020 shutting everything down, I don't know if I would have had that opportunity you know? How that's translated on the creative side is, I'm learning to not overthink a track. We as creatives get so caught up in making "THE BEST ART" that we end up being frustrated because we've set unrealistic expectations. I try my best not to do that anymore, I've learned to let it flow and attack what comes easy.

As a storyteller, you manage to paint vivid illustrations for your audience; which we love! Could you please take us into what your creative process looks like?

My creative process is pretty simple but can vary. In most cases, I find a beat that grabs my attention and I try to listen for what I feel it's saying. Other times, it pops up in conversations or something I watched or read. As soon as an idea hits, I write a note on my phone... if it's a melody, I record it in my voice notes right away so I don't lose it. From there, I try and get into my home studio ASAP to capture the energy right away. I'm very easily triggered when it comes to creativity lol. Creativity is HECKA RUDE... shows up unannounced, all loud and aggressive like that uncle you glad couldn't roll up this Christmas haha.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Honestly, my faith in God has kept me going. Now I know that may sound cliche to a lot of people but for real; My faith played a major role in reminding me of why I do this. I want to bring hope where there is none. I want people to remember they're valued and have a purpose BEYOND what they do. Look at the number of people whose identity was entirely wrapped up in their jobs that they just lost. When you're sitting at home and contemplating your worth, I want to be the soundtrack to someone looking within themselves to see the amazing person God has created them to be, regardless of status. To any artist who may be struggling to create, take the pressure off. Stop trying to be the hero and just be an advocate for whatever it is you believe in. Listen to what challenges you, what causes unrest in your heart, or what gets you excited even if it seems wild or "too deep". The world needs vulnerable people in order to make incredible art. Take off your cool, and create. Just be uniquely you.

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