Sea of Fog Gives New Meaning to Solitude With Their Latest Hit

Southern American indie-folk band Sea of Fog releases their title track “Micheal Collins Observes the First Moonwalk From The Columbia Module” off their debut EP. Sea of Fog was founded by frontman Thomas Bowers (professional harpsichordist and organist), bringing in his friends Jordy Cheney (vocals), Ben Cheney (bass), Jon Powers (electric guitar) and Walter Williams (drums). Their track off their debut EP “Micheal Collins Observes The First Moonwalk From The Columbia Module” drew inspiration from Micheal Collins’ solo lunar orbit during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, and also from the Greek God Apollo and his desire for exploration. Together, Sea of Fog captures the sour and savory truths of solitude.

The track opens with exhilarating acoustic guitar strumming, giving off a vibrant and lush instrumental melody. Upon the arrival of Thomas Bowers and Jordy Cheney’s vocals, we’re taken to new planes with their peaceful and breathtaking delivery. Sea of Fog perfectly blends cohesive imagery through heartfelt lyrics like “Peering through the porthole glass, awful witness silent craft, lone in here yet worlds apart…”. With unique shifts in tempo that enhance the song’s main theme, the serene conceptual track gives listeners time to find their own meaning in solitude and release their woes through music. It’s evident that Sea of Fog’s “Micheal Collins Observes the First Moonwalk From the Columbia Module” displays pure emotion, and we’re excited to listen to the rest of the EP.

Check out “Micheal Collins Observes the First Moonwalk From The Columbia Module” here.