Sea of Tranquility Explains Why Its Important to Live Always Live in the Moment

Hey there, Sea of Tranquility! Let's get right into talking about "In the Moment". Were there any emotional ties with this track release? Did you stem the inspiration of the song from personal life experiences?

Definitely, life moves fast, even if it feels slow at the time. It’s important to make the most of it, not just watch the days go by.

Can you share with our readers how you're trying to bring about a new kind of sound with your production? What's the impression you want to leave on your listeners with the way "In the Moment" was constructed?

For me, SOT has always been about writing music that I like, not trying to fit into anyone demographic or style. Having been influenced by multiple genres,  I want the listeners to be able to connect with it, no matter their background or their musical taste.

How does the band feel living in North Carolina is aiding in the creative stylings of Sea of Tranquility? Does North Carolina's music scene inspire the band to come up with these authentic and eccentric stylings?

Having grown up in the NC scene, music and shows have always been a big part of my life. I feel that many artists here portray an incredible energy on stage, which has always inspired me. I would say musically though that my inspiration comes from all over.

What was the deeper meaning behind "In The Moment"? Does Sea of Tranquillity typically create songs that require a deeper and more involved mentality, or does the band create music to be simply enjoyed in a more transparent way?

“In The Moment” is a song about the passage of time, a plea to the listener to take hold of the moment we’re currently living in and not to dwell only in the past or focus only on the future. Personally, it’s always easy to say “I’ll do that tomorrow, or another time” when the truth is, eventually we will run out of tomorrows. I don’t want to wonder years from now, what would’ve happened had I lived in the moment and really taken advantage of the days I’ve been given. My goal is to create music that is fun and easy to listen to at face value but can be interpreted on a deeper level as well.

What can we expect to see from Sea of Tranquility throughout 2020?

There are currently a lot of new songs in the works, some of which are totally different than anything we’ve released. Lately, the drummer, Brandon, has been challenging me to think even more outside the box, and we are creating an even more unique sound than ever.

Listen to "In The Moment" and all others sounds of Sea of Tranquility here.