Sea of Tranquility is an Undeniable Trailblazing Duo!

Sea of Tranquility is a tremendous alternative pop duo all the way from North Carolina, featuring Worth Fitts and Chandler Martin. The Duo formed all the way in late 2018 and since then has released 2 singles and an EP. Not only has Sea of Tranquility released an impressive track record of singles but they also released a music video for their latest single “1 AM” in December 2019.

Sea of Tranquility has a groundbreaking style. Combining sounds from the past with a modern style, Sea of Tranquility has released an addictive new sound that will completely compel its listeners. Sea of Tranquility’s EP titled “Into The Deep” was filled with multiple different tracks that are catered to a diverse audience of music lovers. We guarantee that you’ll find at least one song from “Into The Deep” that will fully captivate you and impress you to the full capacity. Sea of Tranquility also release the single “Young” but it was the music video 1 am that really gave us a clear understanding on who Sea of Tranquility is as a duo. Their sound, their creative vision, and their vivid lyricism help the fans connect with them as an artist and enhance a stronger bond between both. Sea 0f Tranquility is undeniably on their way to stardom and their music will leave a lasting impression on every listener it touches.

Check out the soundings of Sea Of Tranquility here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Sea Of Tranquility! What initially motivated you two to form a duo. 

Chandler: Worth and I were originally friends and both playing in different bands. We talked about music all the time and had a love for the same genre. Worth had started a project and one day just sent it to me. After listening to the project, I loved the sound and our duo just kinda fell into place after that.

Tell us about your EP “Into The Deep”. What song from this project was your personal favorite and why? 

Worth: I really like “Not Afraid”, it’s the most upbeat song on the EP and I feel like it was key in shaping our sound.

Chandler: My personal favorite song off of our first project has to be “Not Afraid”. There’s just something about the vibe and message. There’s something about being with someone who loves you, is there for you, and believes in you. It really makes you feel like you can take on world.

Can you describe to us the songwriting approach towards “Young”?

Worth: I had actually come up with the original melody back in 2017, It was just sitting in my loop library ever since. When we stumbled on it, it had a nostalgic feel that brought us back to the feeling of being kids, the lyrics just flowed from there.

Chandler: I told Worth I wanted to write a song that kinda talked about all the dumb things we did as kids. We both have some crazy stories and those are a part of us. I originally had the idea after he told me this wild story about high school. After that we just wrote a song about having fun and remembering our youth.

How was the creative process like for “1 AM”? 

Worth: I was producing a track that was taking on a really cool eighties vibe and Chandler came to me with these lyrics that just fit the song perfectly (This happens pretty often when we are writing)

Chandler: 1 A.M.” was kind of a song that wrote itself. We finished it months before we released it. Worth had been producing the song that would become “1 A.M.”, when he showed it to me and I really liked the sound. That night literally around 3 A.M. I was just writing until I eventually just fell asleep. The next day in the studio I pulled out the song and we both loved it. Then within an hour everything else came together.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “1 AM”?

Worth: “1 AM” is our first official music video, we were thrown a lot of curveballs while putting it together, so we just had to roll with the punches. *Laughs* Carrying all the equipment and TV's through the woods and into the field was probably the biggest challenge.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Sea Of Tranquility?

Chandler: In 2020 we will be releasing a lot of music! We already have a lot of songs finished and with those songs will be more music videos. Also just growing as a band, having fun, playing more shows, and discovering who we really are as SOT.