Sea of Tranquility Sets out to Amaze With His Expressive Genre Unification

Alternative pop artist Sea of Tranquillity is back, and this time we're focusing on the artist's persona and the evolution of his music. From North Carolina, Sea of Tranquility is led by Worth Fitts, and he gracefully combines live and electronic instruments to produce multi-faceted tempos. A past single we've seen from Sea of Tranquility, titled "In the Moment", honed in on comprehensive sounds setting a dramatic tone with a blend of alternative features.

Sea of Tranquility is ultimately the type of artist that brings a focused and purposeful aspect to alt/pop music. It's easily agreeable that his musicianship, combined with his elaborate thought style makes for sensationally stimulating music. Sea of Tranquility reminds himself that life is rapid, and expressing his utmost authentic self is the way to go within the music industry. We get multiple genres, all that comes with a multitude of feelings and overall ambiances. Sea of Tranquillity brings energy, but an energy you may not be used to yet. All in all, the next musical offerings of Sea of Tranquility will probably follow suit with his imaginative and original style shown to listeners thus far.

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