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Sea Sea Kills It With Her New Single “FL”

Sea Sea is an artist who loves to enjoy a good time and feel good inside and out, as well as balancing her life out. She’s a positive ball of joy, and health, animals, humans, and the environment our home live in is all highly important to her. She’s simply, a lover of life and everything it has to offers. She considers herself a very special girl with a public life. Everybody audio and watches her every second of the day and nothing is private. She shies away from electronics and as strange as that may sound, it’s all her concept of life. She’s simply a woman whose all about teaching others, embracing her surroundings, and loving love. A cherishable artist with a compelling personality and joyful heart!

Sea Sea released her single titled “FL” and it was a complete bop we enjoyed to its fullest. By reading her biography, you may or may not have created a mental preparation of what the song style would possibly be. Sea Sea completely takes her listener by surprise by embarking you on a trap journey with delicate and transporting vocals. “FL” is an eerily weird but oddly enticing record and we couldn’t help but find ourselves intrigued. Sea Sea unique personality shines through “FL” and it’s replenishing to see! This expansion hit for the trailblazers, migrates you through a variety of different sounds and genres, fused all into one trap like mix. The song is perfect for those who are seeking music with a idiosyncratic twist to the sound. Sea Sea cultivated hip-hop and trap music into her own flavorful style and we loved every bit of it! The vocals were charming and hauntingly gorgeous and it helped embody the element of different! “FL” is the song you will not regret adding onto your personal playlist!

Check out "FL here. Read more in our exclusive interview below!

How does your environmental surroundings and upbringing impact your style and music?

Since the age of what I can remember I always had a passion for listening and watching music videos to all styles of music. My father Gary Bertrand was big on me listening to other styles while we were in the car either driving home from working in his store or going places on the weekend just by being in the car. Of course me being me, I would dance while I would be at SunUP Shoes after school until it was time to go home. He owned the shoe store so music was always playing. Music was just always a big surrounding and impact on my life. As for when I moved to NYC I continued singing, my family always knew that singing/music was my thing. They would make me sing randomly places we go " talent in the audiences" and automatically i would get up and perform, sing just do my best. Singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons you can name them all I was in. I always did talent shows years up as I went up in grades. Principals would recognize that I could sing and perform and started letting me perform at different school events. It was probably 2015-2016 where I decided that I was going to take music seriously. As for learning how to write my own music becoming who I want to become, a well rounded artist. This is who I am and what I'm going to do. I will never give up or stop. I was in the studio and around artist who are well known today so as for realizing lots of stuff it came from that. Lil Uzi Vert and Aaliyah inspired my style a lot when i started writing my music, the image, how to write cool captions and stuff like that. Eventually I sauced up things my way, I would say they still have a big impact on me as well as Xxxtentacion when it comes to certain feels. I created my own sound as we grew together with my music, ideas everything how to make everything sound the way it does. SS sound

Tell us about “FL” and the meaning behind it !?

FL is really about love. A love that i thought was real as for really real and no games. Don't hurt me just love me if you really love me and don't ever let go on both sides don't leave me. Its a love story on my life with a certain somebody

What inspired you to write “FL” ?

The love inspired me so it came from my heart.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

So many challenges down to life hitting me in different ways to see if I'm ready or am i going to cry at my problems and just cry. Let my problems become me or face my problems and say my problems aren't me and its the lesson or what i learned from whatever i been through or the reason life put me through certain situations. Making me realize what i need to realize but also most importantly making me stronger. Everything that happens is supposed to be that way its just how to react and deal with whatever is happening at that moment. I look for the light in all situations. People can imitate me to their best ability but they can never be me.

What’s next for you?



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