Sealy Troh Proves He Has "All That" to Produce a Feel-Good Single

Los Angeles artist Sealy Troh is the kind of artist who emphasizes making their listeners feel good. With that starts the foundation of Sealy Troh's music, positive and lively energy.

Working with artists such as Novel and Casey Veggies, Sealy Troh proves to work well within collaboration and has found even further success within personal track releases. His latest feat includes the single release "Liv Luv," featured in LA Weekly. Now, Sealy Troh is ready to debut a cohesive soundscape with new music.

Sealy Troh released his anticipated single "All That." With a tropical fusion of melodic beats, "All That" presents itself to be the perfect kind of feel-good energy, making it the right kind of summer single to vibe along to. Sealy Troh creates a clean atmosphere with "All That" and the consistent flow he possesses. Consisting of a dependably structured hook, "All That" remains monotonous and straightforward in its delivery, which leads us to believe that Sealy Troh focuses on the uniformity of his sound. All in all, "All That" really did allow us to feel lost in the moment's fun, which is precisely what we're craving when listening to a pop-driven Hip/Hop single.

There was definitely feel-good energy emulating from "All That". As an artist who is avid to release tracks that contain that authentic and positive vibe, how would you say your visions for your songs ultimately come about?