Sean Iacono Gives His Listener A Smooth-Sailing Vibe, “By Your Side”

Sean Iacono initially grew up with a dream of becoming a pro-athlete. He never really gave music much of his main focus until an injury in college left him with a significant amount of downtime to think about the next path he would take in life. Sean began posting acapella videos online and received a great deal of feedback from people--eventually catching the attention of Sun and Sky Entertainment, and after showing them a few songs he’s written, they offered him a contract! He flew to Los Angeles and met with producer Nico Farias and songwriter Thiago Muller and they worked on “By Your Side”.

We took a listen to this Pop & R&B artist release of “By Your Side” and it felt as if we discovered the next big thing in music! “By Your Side” had a sultry and sensual vibe to the smooth-sailing vocals. The beat was atmospheric while keeping a nice rooted urban R&B drum kick. Sean Iacono has a voice that’s quite unforgettable. You can listen to this designated voice and immediately recognize the authenticity of Sean. Sean Iacono is a singer who definitely can’t be fit into one category of music. “By Your Side” is a song with complex elements. However, regardless of the setting it creates for you, the listener is still able to be completely captivated and intrigued, allowing the listener to interpret the song in various ways! The sultry and flirtatious music video for "By Your Side" sees Sean reminiscing about a past relationship. The track (which has a heavy clash of major elements from Justin Bieber and The Weeknd) is about being there for someone going through dark times. It evokes a series of emotions, ups and downs, and ultimately giving assurance that things will be okay. “By Your Side” is a vibe you’ll appreciate to its depth.

Make sure to give a listen to "By Your Side" here!



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