Sean Keefer Pulls On Your Heartstrings With His Emotionally Honest Ballad, "Sorry Anyway"

Sean Keefer is your everyday singer/songwriter and guitarist that simply writes about what it is he finds true to himself. He's all about crafting music that listeners can get lost in and aims to create an environment that is perfectly melodic, hypnotic, and moving.

Growing up in South Carolina, Sean Keefer was always getting transfixed by the sound of music, whether that was listening and enjoying church hymns as a child or singing in the local choir, a musical thumb was something Sean Keefer possessed. After a string of cover releases, Sean Keefer is finally recording and releasing his personalized sound, beginning with his single, "Sorry Anyway."

"Sorry Anyway" is Sean Keefer's heartfelt anecdote. Each word that he sings makes its way through the veins of listeners and finishes with an impactful punch right to the heart. "Sorry Anyway" offers a string of beautiful nuances from Sean Keefer regarding his vocal expressions. He blends many tones to establish a heartwarming country tone that is so ever characterizable of some of the best country-inspired ballads.

Without any fear of emotional vulnerability, Sean Keefer gives an honest reflection of his thoughts and feelings in "Sorry Anyway," allowing listeners to truly understand the kind of individual he is not only as a music artist but as a human. Listeners are given quite the spectacle into the life of Sean Keefer with "Sorry Anyway," and we hope this grand understanding of the artist only continues to grow with the release of more music.