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Sean Mo Shows Off His Vibrant Charisma And Mic Skills On His “Just Wanna Rock” Freestyle

The Chicago native shows he’s primed and ready to make big splashes in the scene.

Hailing from the streets of Chicago, IL, Sean Mo’s long been exposed to a vibrant and lively musical community. Highly motivated and hungry for success, he’s separated himself from many of his peers because of his willingness to put the work in and effortless charisma that listeners can’t help but enjoy. Now with his gaze firmly on the future, Sean Mo is ready to make waves and leave his mark on the highly competitive hip-hop genre.

Mo credits the emergence of drill in 2013 for his decision to start taking rap seriously, although he notes that music has always been in his blood. He’s a natural storyteller, combining sharp punchlines with charisma and wit, making you feel like he’s having fun with it.

Although the drill wave may have given him the push he needed to start, Mo refuses to let himself be put in a box. He’s not a drill rapper and prefers to show off his versatility by bringing his visions and life experience to life in music that he routinely manages to connect with his fans.

Mo’s “I Just Wanna Rock” freestyle, in many ways, embodies his approach to music. Over the now iconic Jersey club beat Mo effortlessly weaves through the beat with the composure of a veteran. Dropping lines like “I told Shawty I just wanna rock, she thought I meant Chrisean” and “By now you all should know my life a fucking movie / I have you dancing up on cars like Lil Boosie,”

Mo shows off his ability to draw you into his world and bring you to his pace before awing you with sharp bars. It’s a perfect testament to his ability to have fun while ensuring his listeners also have fun.

Sean Mo’s “I Just Wanna Rock” freestyle is a fun and thoroughly enjoyable flip of the now classic original version, and Sean impressively manages to more than hold his own on the beat. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Sean Mo’s “I Just Wanna Rock” freestyle and accompanying video, available now on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sean Mo! We loved your “I Just Wanna Rock” freestyle, and we had to ask, what made you go with this particular beat?

Thanks. I went with that beat because I knew it was super relevant then, and it would challenge me as an artist to step my bars up by it being so uptempo.

What is the most important thing an artist needs to succeed?

The most important thing an artist needs to succeed is a Vision. You have to believe in your vision no matter what anybody else sees. And I’m also big on Originality and Investing in yourself. You can’t expect anybody else to invest in you if you aren’t doing the same!

You mentioned growing up in Chicago but also splitting a lot of time now in LA. Are the two music scenes similar, and how have they impacted your growth as an artist?

The music scenes are quite different, but I rock with both. I think Cali music is more similar to Detroit, Michigan’s music. It impacted my growth by seeing more I didn’t get to see in Chicago: more opportunities and better weather so that you can do a little more in the wintertime.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I would describe my music to a new listener as Creative, Fun, Dope, and ORIGINAL. I Have fun with it; it comes from the heart or brain. Not really with the bandwagon and wave riding. I like to create my own Lane. But Guaranteed to make you laugh or catch a vibe.

What’s next for Sean Mo? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Besides my upcoming 2nd Project, “Can’t Miss My Beat Twice,” I will continue to make music. And also produce. I have documentaries I’m working on, including a prank show. So I want my fans to know. If you stop hearing music for a minute, I’m still working, no matter what creating a masterpiece somewhere. Staying Creative at all times. Don’t Quit Your Day Dream!


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