Sean O'Kelley Makes the World Go Round With, "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)"

Los Angeles based artist and multi-instrumentalist Sean O'Kelley releases a single we all needed with, "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)." As his first original composed, produced and published single, Sean O'Kelley created this song during our time in quarantine with the main focus on unification and the power of love. "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)" was inspired by Freddie Mercury's outro on Under Pressure, while capturing The Beatles' mantra of All You Need Is Love.

Sean O'Kelley felt compelled to create this song after the world finally shined a light on systemic racism and unjust treatment. With help from Olivia Kuper-Harris and her vocals, the upbeat and powerful song reminds us that love is always the answer. "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)" opens as bright as day with upbeat and profound brass instrumentation and an overall jazz/neo-soul sound. The track flames through at an upbeat pace, also adding the soulful flare of prime Gospel music. Once Olivia Kuper-Harris begins singing with such clarity and charisma, she adds the needed rush that gives the track it's fiery vibrance. The back and forth between the lively instrumentals and Olivia's vocals create an incredible dynamic that pulses through our veins. Sean O'Kelley has produced and composed this song with such power, and his vision was perfectly executed with the help of talented recording artists/musicians. Reminding us that love is the strongest force, Sean O'Kelley's "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)" keeps our eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.

We love the unifying message on your single "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)." What does the song mean to you, seeing as it's your first composed, produced, and published single?

This song has been my saving grace during some very trying moments this year. I have a 34-year old friend suffering in the hospital with COVID-19, another was dangerously close to being a casualty of racism, another took a rubber bullet to the chin while peacefully protesting. All of this runs through my mind each day while my wife and I look after our infant son, who was born just one month before the quarantine. It’s downright frightening sometimes. Then, I realized the fear and anxiety I was feeling was truly universal and it was time for a song about loving one another. I hope this song helps others as much as it helped me.

We've heard that a few artists/musicians came together to record "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)." What was your collaborative process like, especially during quarantine? 

I started calling my closest musician friends, asking them if they had professional recording setups at home - most did! I mocked up the project using Logic Pro X, then passed around the backing audio file to each musician, replacing the mock-up tracks with the real tracks, one by one. It was slow, but the musicians themselves were great to work with and made the process very smooth. Then, I reached out to my dear friend, Olivia, who was super delighted to sing on the track. I knew she would knock it out of the park and, wow, did she deliver! It was great being able to make such a professional track without ever stepping into a big studio and risking infection just using great talent, our recording setups, and the internet.

The instrumentals within "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)" are incredibly soulful and somewhat nostalgic. What pulled you into this vintage and upbeat sound? Will you continue this approach in the future?

I grew up listening to giants like Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, and everything in between. There’s something deliberately connective about that classic soul/funk/R&B sound. Add in the raw power of black gospel music and it really takes off. It will literally bring a smile to my face without fail. As such, it's absolutely my intention to promote that sound, that energy, that feeling every way I can going forward; Live horns are here to stay!

We've heard that "Just Give Love (feat. Olivia Kuper-Harris)" will be included on your upcoming debut album "The Secular Gospel." Could you give us a sneak peek as to what we might expect from your debut album? 

The idea behind the album is to promote love, positivity, trust, dignity, and other aspects of life that are so critically necessary to our survival, but aren't innately religious or spiritual and thus are universally inclusive. I enjoy the idea of collaborating with singers and decided to continue writing with different singers in mind for each song. I have about five more songs (maybe more!) in the works with buy-in already from really great singers. I've just started production on the next single in the series, "Brighter Days," a song about focusing on the better, simpler, more intimate moments in life as a way to combat negativity and struggle, featuring the ultra-talented Mark Kopitzke (IG: markopitzke) on lead.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

I get inspired knowing that while I'm writing songs in my home with my wife and son, doctors and nurses are saving lives, justice for black lives is being demanded, essential workers are risking their health and safety for the good of the nation, teachers are adapting to a whole new paradigm of learning, funds are being set up to benefit the needy and disenfranchised, and so many are doing their part to help. I asked my friends and family if they were willing to donate any photos or footage of peaceful protests and/or acts of kindness so I could make a music video for "Just Give Love" featuring their content. The response was fantastic! I received great content from all over the country. I'm planning to release the video in the first two to three weeks after "Just Give Love" is released and I can't wait to show it to you!